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The Solomar

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Welcome to the "Solomar". Yes, I know it's technically the Solmar. But what all know it's the SOLOmar where red solocups, drunk butts, and whiteclaws reign supreme. 

By joining the Solomar you get videos, audio podcasts, and so many other forms of fun content that will only be posted on my Patreon. 

The podcast will be bi-weekly and I will have all of you on as guests at some point! 

Think of this as a non-stop look into my head. If you enjoy it great I'm glad to have you! If not no big deal I know I'm not for everone! 

See you on The Solomar.
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Steam Room

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So, you've spent all weekend on the Solomar. You're still a little drunk. You have 3rd degree sun burns...

Hey...relax. Meet me in the Steam Room.

The Steam Room Tier has everything the Solomar has except...

one exclusive VIDEO (not just audio) Podcast a month that only Steam Room members have access to. 

The things that happen in the Steam Room stay in the Steam Room. The content of the Podcast will be offensive and not for everyone. 

Entire the Steam Room naked and afraid. 
  • Exclusive Video Podcast Content
  • Video Content
  • Podcasts
  • Patron-only voting power

15th Floor

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I can't even say what this tier gets you. Just know it get's you everything that's included in the other tiers as well as Cult member status. In-person meetings that happen once a month. You wont be disappoited. This is where it gets really weird and really fun. But not for everyone.
  • Full library access
  • Early access to content
  • Patron-only voting power
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About ThePoplarResident

Hello! Sorry, didn't mean to scream that. But I'm just so freaking AMPED! 

If you're here you probably know me from a lawsuit you're currently filing against me OR my
ThePoplarResident Instagram account. As you've found out I've been able to base my entire personality around the apartment building that I live in. 

Yes, I'm that unique! But SRSLY

I love love love being a silly goose, a friend, a Dad, a good neighbor (brought to you by State Farm), and hopefully...a lover. JK. That's a whole other tier level ya'll. DM me about that. 

I love community, storytelling, and comedy. Pretty much in that order. 

This group I would love for you to join here is a natural continuation of that community but with longer format video and audio storytelling. That will be in the form of audio podcasts, video podcasts, and video sketches. But first and foremost it's a community. A place for us all to connect and feel better than other people. That's the Poplar. 

And if we've never met then you should seriously consider joining. After the unfortunate events of the past 2,000 years and 2020 now is the time to form lasting communities in the real world. It's just that this thing right here, this page, is a digtial extension of that community that I hope to build that will crossover into the physical spaces where we all meet up regularly. 

I also want you to try the Kool Aid. It's delicous! Ya'll! 

For those who want to form lasting partnerships in this realm and the next, I encourage you to join us on the 15th floor. 

Whether you have 5 dolla, 10 dolla, or 20 dolla, you know I'm gonna make you holla. 

Your contribution is deeply appreciated and will help me make this content better, faster, and stronger. 

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