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Media and Stories to Celebrate Positive Race Relations

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    About Positive Identity

    We are Positive Identity, an organization dedicated to spreading media and stories of people from all races/identities to create positive race relations to bring us together and make a greater world.

    Our motto: Love your neighbor as yourself.

    So for race:

    Love your
    and beyond! Then Love each other as we Love ourselves.

    Positive Identity is a non-partisan movement (we're pro-everyone. Seriously!) designed to improve race and identity relations between all world communities. Time, NBC, and WSJ all report large majorities of Americans see race relations as bad or getting worse. With some polls even showing record racial division. So we've created The Positive Identity (TPI) to push back against this.

    How do we do it? Look for the positives in your own identity and in the identities of others. Vola! Simple? Not always but we're prepared to learn and grow. Here's what we have right now.

    This will be accomplished through content (articles, new media, advocacy) designed to highlight the positive aspects of individuals in a community and the community as a whole. By seeing the positives in ourselves and in each other, it will make you healthier, stronger, assertive, confident, more critically constructive, able to face what is wrong with the world, and successful in achieving your moral objectives. The next step is the things you love about yourself or you do to love yourself, you look for in people of other identities and races. Then, you take action to celebrate the good in others and/or take action to do good for people of other races and identities. By seeing the best in each other and ourselves, this will create the foundation to powerfully unite us together as we fight for positive unity and to make a greater world, FOR ALL!

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