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The elves were the first race to appear, sailing on their silver ships.

And as the elves, you were here first, supporting from the start. Thus, you receive all Ranger tier benefits, at a founding-father (or mother!) exclusive price.
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The People of the Realms thank you for joining the fight against the forces of evil!

By supporting at this tier, you will receive a monthly, themed pack, containing:
  • At least 6 high quality, 3d printable miniatures, both pre-supported STL files and clean models. The purchase value of a bundle after the Patreon release isat least $30(you save over $22)!
  • A separate, supportless, sculpted base for each miniature.
  • Custom D&D 5e compatible statblocks for each character or creature.
  • Battle maps relating to the given release (e.g. tavern, dungeon, wilderness).
You will also get a 30% Discount Code for all models (active for first two weeks of each month). You can use it both on our store and on MyMiniFactory.

Supporting also grants you access to the Welcome Trove, which contains:
  • Nine hero miniatures
  • Their respective D&D stat blocks
  • An interior battle map
Each patron can participate in polls, shaping the future of our adventure!
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  • Shape the future of the Adventure!

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Wizards have the power to shape reality with just their words, helping the People of the Realms.

And so do you and your printer(s), forming matter into miniatures for others in need! Supporting at this tier grants you:
  • All Ranger tier benefits
  • Rights to sell 3d prints of all the miniatures and 2d prints of statblocks and battle maps - see terms below.

Merchant terms:
  • You cannot sell the files themselves.
  • Rights do not include resin or metal casting, as well as injection modling
  • No file modification allowed. For quality of life mods (like magnet slots in bases), please contact us.
  • Change of pledge to a lower tier revokes the Merchant rights.
  • Advertisements should contain reference to The Printing Goes Ever On brand.
  • Each Merchant receives a personalized banner they are obliged to place in their store. Please contact us after placing the pledge.
  • Full terms available here:
  • Shape the future of the Adventure!
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About The Printing Goes Ever On

Chapter 6 - Into The Mountains

In the biggest yet release from The Printing Goes Ever On you receive 29 miniatures! 

<h5>(20 in Chapter 6 + 9 in Welcome Trove)</h5>⚔️ 9 hero characters in combat poses🌳 A marching Treant (large creature)
🐺 2 wargs
🐺 A warg pack leader
🐸 2 goblins
🦅 5 raven spies
🌳 A sinister tree where the conspiracy of ravens gathers
📜 D&D 5e compatible statblocks
🔵 Separate bases
💣 An awesome river camp tactical battlemap for your adventures!

Join our Patreon and let the journey begin!

Take a look at our models and releases on our homepage:

Welcome, traveler!

We are Maksym Mikołajczyk and Nelly Pietruszewska, all-round creators from Poland. We set out on a journey to provide you with high quality 3d printable miniatures. In our designs, we focus on a modest, believable style, in contrary to common exaggerated embellishments and proportions present on miniatures.

Each month we provide you with:

  • Pre-supported miniatures for characters and creatures, tied to a theme or event. Our approach is to make the releases chronologically continuous, so same characters might appear again in different gear and poses. The purchase value of a bundle after the Patreon release is at least $30 (you save over $22)!
  • Unique, sculpted bases for each model.
  • D&D 5e compatible statblocks for each character or creature.
  • Battle maps you can print out or use on Roll20.
  • Store discount codes to catch up on previous releases (both for MyMiniFactory and our own store).

Each patron also gets access to the Welcome Trove, holding nine miniatures of the heroes, who bravely set out on their quest. Each model with a statblock, plus an interior battle map to house them.

You can access the files you unlock forever, with our permanent file access system.
Here is a video tutorial by SlicePrintRoleplay to show you how the system works: The Printing Goes Ever On File Download Tutorial
A Google-Drive option is also available for each monthly pack and the Welcome Trove.

The miniatures could make compelling NPCs, monsters and player characters for RPG sessions, e.g.  Dungeons and Dragons. You could also use them as proxy models for skirmish and strategy battle games, like Frostgrave and The Lord of the Rings / Middle-Earth SBG.

Our fellowship:

  • We are incredibly lucky to work with the amazing Jane Saturday, who creates the concept illustrations for the models. Jane is a slavic mythology expert!
  • Supports for resin printing are skillfuly drawn by Heydash Workshop. They are so precisely made, that you don't need pliers or a hobby knife!
  • The D&D statblocks are constructed by Jakub Bańka. Don't be shy to send him a message if you need one for your own encounters!
  • Wiktor "Chochlik" Zaborowski designes and assembles the D&D stat blocks for a cohesive experience. Hit him up if you need help with design for publishing!
  • Emilka "Kharie" Popiela, or our SEO Witch! If you need copywriting or SEO help, she is there to work her magic!

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3d printable terrain pieces with each release.
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