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Options. Some out there can afford, and want to donate more than 1, but less than 5. This tier offers them that ability. In turn I can make more content, and invest in upgrades to gear, and studio locale. If you're on a budget, but feel you can, and want to commit more than a dollar an episode this tier is for you. You will get access to every episode from this tier.

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About The Realist Philosopher

I am the Realist Philosopher. A traditional realist of the old school baby. I don't believe in anything I can't touch, taste, smell, feel, or see. If I can't perceive it, I won't believe it. Show me the evidence, or shut the hell up with your hippy dippy nonsense. I just don't have time for it.

I'm a social and political commentator, and also a real philosopher, of which there aren't many. I use philosophical principles to rip apart the nonsense of my enemies, and present all the juicy contradictions of the most fallible arguments to you on a platter. Yum yum. Nothing tastes better than the flayed tenderized meat of your enemies stupid arguments laid bare for all to see.

I use philosophy, as well as humor to present the truth to you. My listener.

The purpose of posting this podcast and asking for donations is two fold.

One, because I can't afford afford the time and effort to produce content anymore for free., and two because I wish to expand. I want to grow my audience, and in turn I must grow my platform. That costs money. Time costs money. Everything costs money, so if the show doesn't produce some kind of revenue I can't afford to do it. Let alone grow it to where it could be something that reaches thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of listeners a week. That's just reality.

And, while I wish I was rich enough to create a show, buy all the necessary studio equipment, pay for the various platforms to host it, and the marketing to make it grow the truth is I am not. That's why I need you all, my listeners to help.

The product I create has value. I've spent more than 30 years studying philosophy, and rhetoric. debate and politics, and economy. I do my show to both entertain, teach, and help people, mainly men to learn more about the real world, and how to think for themselves. That has value, takes time, and effort to do. If you listen to my content, and can afford to pay something, even the minimum then you should. I'm not a communist. I'm a capitalist, and we should all be reimbursed for our work.

That said I want the show to reach a state where it will fund itself, and perhaps go more mainstream, or perhaps become fully funded by a much larger audience. That said I can't do that without you, my fans.

The show will be twice a week. once on Tuesday, and once on Friday. I will not make more,  and I want those who are helping me expand, and investing in my future production of content to know exactly what it will cost, so they know what they can afford to donate.

There are tiers of suggested amounts. You can donate whatever you like down to 1 dollar an episode, and up to whatever you like. Each successive tier offers more rewards, and allows you the viewer to become an ever increasing part of my shows production.

 I hope you'll sign up, and support my efforts to grow this show into something special.

If you've listened to my content before, and believe I have the talent to pull off something akin to call in radio shows of old that served men, and men's interests, or you just love my content, or simply believe in the idea of creating more media for men then please donate what you can.

If you'd like to support me in my pursuit of truth please feel free to sign up as a patron.

I hope you'll choose to support my work, and help me to help mankind.  ;)
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Once I reach 1,000 dollars a month I can devote more time to making my show, as well as be able to invest in new equipment, and multiple hosting platforms, and even marketing my show.
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