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  • You will be added to the Fan Club rank on Discord. 

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About The_Reckonist

Hello, my name is The_Reckonist. I am an Englishman living in the USA and I stream and create content for various video games on my Twitch and YouTube Channels.

First of all I'd like to thank everyone who even gets this far in the process of considering to help me produce the content I feel passionate about. If you're reading this then I already think that you are awesome! 

I consider myself one of the better players of Football Manager and as such have developed a reputation and a community set around that game and my 26 years of experience within it. I am known for developing and releasing high quality and well tested tactics to the community and that takes many, many hours of testing which is usually done live on Twitch along side other community members. I also write guides to various Football Manager mechanics and this year have committed to produce a YouTube Let's Play of a Football Manager game which again, takes time. Ontop of that, my community occasionally get together and stream games as a group including the up and coming 'Reckonist League' racing on F1 2019. I do occasionally stream other games too. I do a lot of stuff!

This Patreon is the best way to support and show thanks to the hundreds of hours (360 in 2019) of content I release every year. It gives you access to tactics before they are released to the public and It also keeps the wife off my back for playing Football Manager at all hours!

What you can expect as a supporter;
  1. A minimum of 3 lives streams per week. 
  2. You can expect at least two of those to be Football Manager streams and 
  3. You can expect me to be supremely grateful for your support.

Any and all pledges coming through Patreon will be redirected back into the growth of the channel. (Such as paying for Adobe without which I couldn't produce videos)

One thing I will say though is DO NOT give any money you cannot afford to give. Only donate the money you have to spare if you are generous enough to do so. Having said that and you are still reading here, grab this pint and a chair and make yourself at home! 

P.S If you are just wishing to make a one off donation to show your appreciation, you can do so: Right Here!
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DRUNK STREAM will become a monthly stream. It will be messy... It will no doubt feature WIFESTREAM and maybe a special guest. 
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