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About my channel

Hello I am The Red Guy, but you can just call me Red, and I've been making video game reviews and discussion videos since 2017. I've always loved video games and watching reviews of them, and have been inspired to start making my own reviews for quite some time. The kinds of reviews I'm most interested in are long form in depth reviews/analyses, there's a lot that make up video games and I think there's great value in going deep into a game when discussing it. I've made in depth reviews for games like Until Dawn, Mischief Makers, the Luigi's Mansion series, and currently I am working on reviewing the entire Paper Mario series. While my primary focus is on reviews, I sometimes do other things like discussion videos where I just talk about a specific topic, like a discussion about the length of reviews. Other things I occasionally do are retrospectives, countdowns, and lets plays, but these aren't very often, as I said the main priority for my channel is making reviews.


I just want to stress that you shouldn't feel obligated to support me, it's just here if you want to. I have no interest in putting anything substantial behind a paywall. I'll have some small rewards but that's it. Most importantly I want anyone who does choose to support me to be happy with how this page is run, so feel free to give me any advise, suggestions, or criticisms. The best way to talk to me is through my Discord server so stop on by if you have anything to say. And lastly I deeply appreciate anyone who somehow thinks I'm worth giving money to, seriously thank you! And even if you don't support me here, thank you for watching in general!

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