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Greeting mere mortals, I am Michael Mazzacane also known as the Retro Replay guy and you're probably thinking, "good god, another game reviewer on Patreon, didn't see THAT coming." And you are correct sir (or madam), yes I am a game reviewer and yes I am doing a Patreon, why wouldn't I? That seems to be the norm nowadays, gotta do a Patreon because I swear YouTube is ripping me off when it comes to ad revenue.

I've been doing game reviews on YouTube since 2011, I give detailed, honest and fair reviews on games (so I'm told) and have recently been including a new series of videos based around the going-ons of the gaming industry and culture around it called Retro Rants. Currently these series are biweekly, alternating between each other.

First and foremost I'm setting this up as a tip jar service, you don't have to give if you don't want to, secondly, I have no rewards planned at all so if that's a deal breaker for you, sorry, but I don't want people to feel like they have to or are being pressured into giving money to this to get everything. The "rewards" would be the new content that this Patreon would be supporting, like making Let's Plays and the Back Log regular things instead of when I feel like it. It would also bring reviews and rants to a weekly basis if the goals are met.

Do I have high hopes for those goals getting met? The honest answer is no, I'm keeping my feet firmly grounded in reality and I would consider it luck to even reach the first goal.
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The Retro Replay will be Ad Free and games recently released will be reviewed more often and closer to their release date (approx. within 2 weeks of release) rather than a (much) later date.
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