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You are inspired. I thank you and I am so glad you are here! For those who support at this level. - I will provide regular updates on the growth of the Temple and the offerings. 
- You will receive quarterly or more frequent surprise offerings from the Temple which can include anything from poetry, songs, sketches, invites to patron-only events. 
- My sincere thank you for your energy and support towards the vision of this community.

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*Opportunity to participate as a part of the Red Moon Lodge: Walking Self Awareness Collective.

Yay! You are inspired and able to do more and I am grateful.  For those who support at this level not only do you receive the offerings from above, of monthly updates, and quarterly or more frequent surprise offerings and my sincere thank you - but you will also receive.

- Digital music downloads of new EP and Albums as a pre release before it goes out to the general public
(hopefully I will be getting your feed back all along!)




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About Ama Chandra

* A New Offering that is AVAILABLE at Every Level*
The Walking Self Awareness Collective
For those seeking two learn more about our relationship to the heavens and with the Earth. New Moon and Full moon gatherings and a Weekly Conference call.

When you've been called it takes courage to answer. I decided that I would be braver than ever. I will answer the call to do what I do in a way that will let me shine my brightest light. I have a heart of compassion and a vision for the people. No better moment than now to bring the vision to the people. 
I am going to gather as many men, women, and children as I can who are inspired and ready to build a new world to join under the banner of the RISEN HEART. Who am I? And what am I here for?My name is Sanahara Ama Chandra, She Be Warrior, Mama Ama, Light.
I am here for the Restoration of Love
Welcome to the Temple
I am Sanahara Ama Chandra, The Risen Heart and I am so glad to welcome you to a space for the divine and deeply intentional work of Social Harmony, to bring about the Coming Together of our World.
I am a highly emotionally intelligent, heart-centered, mom, sister, survivor, warrior, poet, patternist, singer-songwriter, empath, authentic, beacon of light championing the restoration of our relationships by supporting humans in a shared vision for a more aligned, healthy, and fulfilled world. 

I am being called to unlock the crystal codes of trauma.

When deep traumas and fears come up we have reflex responses. Many of those reflexes and reactions lead us away from trust. We pull away, we circle up, we hide, we deny, we defend, we do many things that perpetuate the trauma-induced pain crisis states and then we spread it around by triggering others knowingly or unknowingly as we express what is going on in us.

I am a harmonic being with a gift for helping people see themselves beyond their brokeness 
(A Healthy Mirror)

My energy brings people into the tone of harmony as I see people and their story as separate and deeply intertwined. I am able to resonate a very strong sense of authenticity and acceptance that opens up the air for healing for those who are seeking to be seen.

Your support allows meet to take care of myself and my family while doing the work of inspiring other humans to courageously believe and work toward a healthier world. 

My Gifts To The World!
Mama Ama Circle Time * Sandwiches and Sunshine
Dedicated to helping children and families soundtrack
healthier lives through songs and stories.

Years ago a friend in Scottland  I made via Social Media, reached out to me about a dream she had.
Here’s the post
LXXXXXX‎ toAma Chandra
January 4, 2013Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Ama. Admittedly we only know each other through facebook and of course the 'unsinkable Kxxxxx' but you should know that when people make it into my dreams then I clearly think nice things about them. Last night I dreamt I was watching TV and up popped you hosting a children's poetry show. It seemed to be filmed in your living-room as you sat on a light beige sofa sharing poems for kids and poems written by kids. The strange part is you had an English accent??? This is strange indeed as I have a scottish accent and you I assume have an american accent so where I got an English accent from I just don't know. Still it was a lovely dream with a happy vibe! Just thought I'd share that with you!
Ama Chandra Wow! Such a lovely vision!! Thank you for sharing with me! I do sing lullabies..... I'm so glad to know you too even if it's through FB! I feel the spirit of the woman behind the keys and she's such a beautiful Person! The English accent is an interesting twist!!!
KXXXXX I <3 it! What wondrous serendipity, synergy, synchronicity, and other such spiritual connection, that you two would even have connected (and, if 'twas through me, I am humbled indeed!), and that such beautiful subconscious synching (spelling?) has surged! Super! :D [But 'tis beyond my Kxxx, dear Lxxx, what kinda shan that is about the English accent...] LOL :-P
LXXXXX It was such a lovely dream to wake from. Left me feeling warm and happy x x x

This idea never left me.

I have continued soundtracking songs and storytelling for the wholeness of children of all ages. 
Now I desire to bring this work into an actual program for children. A home creation studio and mini-episodes with poetry, songs, and short stories.
Your support of this community is to see this work unfold receiving sneak peeks of songs in production, poems, and stories and to offer your feedback on the creative process! 

SoundLight Healing * Heart and Soul Song Library

Utilizing Reiki, Sound, and intention to create sonic prescriptions
that foster health and wellness.

I am a singer-songwriter and over the years I have learned that there is something transformative that happens when I go into my heart space and sing intentionally from there. Eyes weep, hearts open, smiles appear, and healing happens.

My gift is to sing soul and heart songs.

I sing songs of the elements, the colors, of trauma, and of love. I sing what I have journeyed through and what I witness and catch on the winds of our earth. Using vocal toning, poetry, Crystal and Himalayan bowls, singing drums, and other instruments, I am able to tune in deeply to the energy that wants to be understood and transmuted. I am led by you and spirit as we co-create a quantum level soundtrack to unlock the crystalized trauma codes.
I am looking to build a library of soul songs that resonate with different feelings to offer to the world.

Would you let me sing the song of your story and carry it forward into the world on the vibration of healing, oneness, and love?

As a human family, when I work out the sound for your trauma or your joy, I create a blueprint for others who may carry the same energy and trauma codes. I am creating a library of songs for the world to access as I help one human at a time find the songs their heart and soul needs.

I will be creating songs generally for humanity however if you feel like you have a unique expression that needs a healing soundtrack that is available to you as well as a Patron!

What you get from supporting me at any capacity is access to the ongoing work of the Temple. From updates on what's going on, music, poetry, and stories to behind the scenes footage, and blooper videos and more as we grow and dynamically change. Wherever you fall in line with the support of the vision of community and the Temple of the Risen Heart, I believe that you will know, supporting me is supporting you.

I am Walking
Arms Open into Abundance with the Knowing that 
I can GIVE from the Overflow.
I have given myself permission to be ALL OF WHO I AM.
Your Support allows me to
Be Seen, Be Safe, and Be Richly Nourished.  
The More I can Be Who I Am, the more EVERYONE benefits. 

10 of 100 patrons
When I reach my first 100 Patrons I will do a Virtual House Concert.
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