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About TheSamiC

♥ Who is TheSamiC? ♥
I’m Sami of TheSamiC and I live to be creative. Any form of expressing oneself is what I love to do. I’ve played with several types of media over the years, drawing is the one I’ve done for the longest and the second being animating. I love anime, reading, playing video games and being with my friends!

♥ Why Patreon? ♥

I’ve started the Patreon in pursuit to find a stable income on my various hobbies and creative strides. I want to share what I know and learn with others on ways to express their thoughts and talents! I may not stick with every medium I do, but I want to make videos that can show others that all forms of art have a starting point~

♥ Why support TheSamiC? ♥
Supporting me helps me keep motivated to work on animating and making videos! I'm trying to keep saving money to one day move out of Alaska with my grandma to Arizona to live her days to the fullest.

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This will be enough for my bills and to reach my goal of being able to move with my grandma that much faster!
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