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About The Selfishness Project

Hi, I’m Dan Norton, creator of The Selfishness Project, a project devoted to exploring the idea of selfishness.

Why explore selfishness?

Well, I got interested in it through my study of the novelist and philosopher Ayn Rand, best known for her novels The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged. She also wrote a book called The Virtue of Selfishness: A New Concept of Egoism.

Rand had a lot to say about selfishness. She thought it was a very important concept—and a very widely misunderstood one—and that the misunderstandings led to disastrous consequences, both in the lives of individuals and in the world as a whole. Moreover, she thought understanding selfishness correctly was crucial to achieving success and happiness in life.

I think Rand was onto something very important with her ideas about selfishness, and I want to help others become aware of and understand those ideas—as well as her ideas about related concepts, such as altruism, self-sacrifice, and selflessness.

One way to do this is by engaging in conversations with people, and I see having such conversations as a central feature of The Selfishness Project. There are countless people to talk to, and I think everyone needs to hear Ayn Rand’s message. By having these conversations, and then posting them online for the whole world to watch, I can guarantee that Rand’s ideas will reach an ever-widening audience. You can find these conversations on my website,, or on my YouTube channel. You can also follow the Project on Facebook and Twitter.

I’ve been studying Rand’s ideas for more than two decades, including many years at the Ayn Rand Institute, both in its undergraduate and graduate programs. I recently completed a PhD in philosophy at the University of California, Davis (2019).

If you see value in The Selfishness Project and would like to help it to continue, improve, and expand, you can make a financial contribution through Patreon, PayPal, or Facebook Pay (via Facebook Messenger). (If interested in other payment methods, please let me know.) You can also help support the Project by sending me feedback. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the Project in general or any of the videos in particular.

Finally, if you’d like to participate in the project by having a free one-one-one conversation with me—recorded or not—just let me know, and perhaps we can arrange it. I do love having philosophical conversations with people!
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