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My name is John, but most people online know me as "The Shades". I am the Co-Founder, and Head Administrator for the Video/Podcast group "RVT Entertainment".

I've been making review Videos involving Japanese Anime for over 5+ Years now, and recently graduated from Connecticut School of Broadcasting, where I've learned to become a experienced Broadcaster, and Audio/Video Producer.

I Love Japanese Anime, from the Art Style, the deep stories, and the culture it brings. It's something I love to sit back and enjoy.

I also love the work of fans like myself. From Fan-art, Fanfiction, AMVs, Music, Games, ect. The work some fans put into their fandom is sometimes greater than the work that it's based on, which always amazes me.

As such, I've put together my two flagship Shows: Anime Takeover, and Fandom Paradise, so that I can feature the Best of both. 

Check out my group : RVT Entertainment, Where most of my streams are, along with my crew.

I also do my own Streams and Videos on My own Youtube Page

Whatever Videos have not be re-uploaded to YT will be worked on and Re-Uploaded eventually.

I run several Livestreams, such as The Anime Mavericks Podcast ,Our Anime Podcast; Toku Riffs Live ,Where we look at the Latest and Greatest in Japanese Toku (Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, Ultraman, ect); and Ranger Recap, our Power Rangers Podcast.

By Subscribing to me, you give me the chance to live out my dreams. These videos/streams have become my life, and I want to share them with anyone and everyone who is a fan of Japanese TV.
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I will be at a point where I will no longer need Ads on my videos, since I will make more on them than I do now.
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