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About The Silver Vox


If you like JRPG Games, this will become your favorite place!
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Hi! I am Silver Vox, a JRPG Game Modder.
Greetings to all of you 😊

Join my Discord server (Guides, Mod Pack Updates, Sneak Peeks, Information, etc) :
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My TSVM Release Packs Collection (and counting) :
Atelier Ryza
Atelier Ryza 2

Atelier Games
Blue Reflection

Fairy Tail

Night of Azure Games

Trails of Cold Steel 3
Trails of Cold Steel 4

Persona 4 Golden

Bullet Girls Phantasia
Neptunia Games

Death End re;Quest
NieR: Automata


How To & FAQ :
How To Use Game Mod
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Learn more about TSVM Repack here :
What is TSVM Repack?

Link to all of my posts (you can use the search bar or filter by tags)
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About My YouTube Videos :
>> If you watch my game mod videos, but that mod is not here yet, don't worry.
>> All mods used in the videos will be posted here as mods packs.. 😎

Special Thanks to The Greatest Superheroes (Royal Blue Diamond Fencers) :
>> DarkEyeDragon
>> SJH7901
>> Randgofire23
>> Raspur

So, What is The Silver Vox ?
I am making & release mod packs for various JRPG Games, like from Gust, Idea Factory & XSeed / Falcom.

I have created many mods also for Atelier Ryza and release them for free at the beginning. But I realize that so many JRPG games are lack of mods, even none to be found.

So I make TSV Mods Repack which consist of the mods collection of certain JRPG games (my TSV Mods are exclusive here).

In my packs, there might be some mods created from some different modders out there in some well modding communities and I very much respect all of them. So I make sure to include big credits for them in my packs and will spotlight some creators which I feel is necessary.

You will get everything you need to play game with mods with How To Tutorial and FAQ, and I will help you if you still get any trouble with setting & apply mods.

I will always make sure that my TSV Mod Packs are :

Mods in my packs are placed and arranged in such a way, so all you need to do are just 3 steps for most of them.
>>  Backup, Copy-Paste, Play.. 😎

I always test my pack as the first priority prior to release. And sometimes might also make beta version to be tested first by some of my patrons, to make sure there are no problem.

If there are still any, I will inform you and fix the packs and it will be tested again. I will also inform you promptly in My Discord ( ) if there are important information of any bugs.

SAFE & FREE From Malware
TSVM Repack should be safe from any malware and other similar problems. I only use trusted sources when making packs and thoroughly check them prior to release.

But I am still human and if something slips through, I will inform you all immediately in Patreon, Discord and all possible channels.

I will being transparent about this, because I am an active gamer, play using my own mod packs also. I would rather not have any malware and something like that in my computer in my daily use.

My release version packs should be available to public within 3 days after I post them.

You can get early access to download my packs as soon as I post them by become Blue Fencer Patron. But if you wait patiently for 3 days, you'll eventually get my packs as they will be open for public access.

This TSV Patreon, TSV Discord and My Site ( are free from ads and pop ups. I allow others to rehost or reupload my packs, and if they have ads here and there, I have no control over them.

But from me, I guarantee you there are no ads and pop ups anywhere in my own places.

Thank you so much for your support and consideration.

Let's us have fun together,
The Silver Vox

$529.54 of $900 per month
If this $900 goal reached, I can finally quit my office job (yeay 😁) and dedicate my full time to TSVM and My Patrons. 

Iyaahoooo.. This is so incredible moment in my life.

I will consider to accept 1 or 2 commission mod (pack) request per month for certain game at a price. 

I also can buy a new big hard disk size and buy new laptop with higher specs, so I can create, update, test and release more mod packs every month.

And finally, there are more exclusive benefits / rewards for all of my Patrons every month.. 

Thank you soooo muucchh 10000..😊 

I really appreciate all of my Patrons support.
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