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More about my view, my story and my mission:

A passionate society and world begins with opening ourselves to live passionately in a sustainable way. So many of us are scared of change and end up being stuck in a less-than ideal life. Change can be scary so I don't blame you!

I have decided to help people like you take the leap they need to take and show them concepts, strategies, tips and tricks to enhance their awareness of their intrinsic motivation, and awareness of their inner feedback. These are key ingredients to developing an inner sense of value and support necessary to guide you in life towards a fulfilling life.

Podcasting, blogging and living my own passionate life are some of the things I do to help this world come to fruition. To do these things I need your help to provide funds to keep this site up, subscribe to necessary services like SoundCloud, upgrade my equipment and travel to create content.

Here's more of my story and where my desire to help people live more congruently to their sense of inner purpose comes from:
I've moved around a lot in life, and at one point I viewed this as a detriment to my growth... Yet after years of reflection and journaling I began to understand that my experience made me quite open to new experiences and able to live freely without restraint.

After growing restless at university, feeling a lack of desire in my studies and where my studies would take me, I abandoned my promising Computer Science career to launch into traveling and my travel blog.

Soon my passions expanded into crafting and art. I built a few craft projects. And I began to freelance design, creating logos for many businesses around the world while I traveled to a few countries in different parts of the world.

With all these passions and a desire to dive more deeply into them in a sustainable way, I realized at the heart of my desires is the desire to live a life which flowed more easily.

So I gathered up my projects into The Renaissance Man Network. Blogging, brand design, vlogging and crafting. Today it stands as a light to bring passion and congruence with our deeper selves into all our lives, with practical tips and examples from my own life and others' to help inspire and teach you to unleash your passion and let life flow more freely through you.

I hope to help everyone get in touch with a deeper sense of purpose and passion and bring it to the world through their own lives.

I need your help! I need better equipment,and software to edit my content to share with you isn't cheap! And to travel, and craft, and all the other things I do to show you how it is easy and possible to live a passionate and fulfilling life costs money! As a patron, you get access to exclusive content in the form of emails, a private group, one-on-one coaching and more...

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