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Hi! I'm Arcaxon a professional Web/Graphic Designer. I love to work on my various projects whether it be my online store Arcaxonia, my internet safety blog PSAid or my Toony focused community: The Squish Gang! They are all projects I put a lot of efforts into! 

Here are a Few Things I Work on:

  • Arcaxonia Store - Merch Store - (Owner)
  • Graphic Designer for Down the Rabbit Hole
  • - Internet Safety Blog - (Owner)
  • The Squish Gang! - Community - (Owner)
  • Flattening Group! - Community - (Owner)
  • Transfur - Admin - Community Lead

  • Why Support me?

    Supporting me means supporting the projects I own and by doing so receiving unique perks! Within this page you can see the list of all perks gained from supporting me!

    Main Projects

    Not all project get the same amount of attention and so only main projects listed below will get you rewards!

    The Squish Gang!

    The Squish Gang! (TSG!) is a public community of toony enthusiasts who love Toony tropes! From: Flattening, Squishing, Inflating to inanimate TFs, species TFs, and more! You can RP, share memes, discuss about games and media and do loads more within the group's Discord! The group is free and open to the public! The Discord server has custom Bots most notably Cassiopée aka Cassi. She’s a kind AI and also TSG!'s mascot, she helps run the place! She has unique Commands to interact with the toons of the group! She can even create a customizable toony licence for you! In TSG! Events are held every few months! These events are host to multitude of new commands, wonderful toony event art by our affiliated and in-house Artists(Who are paid by our Patrons and non-comital), multitude of pins to collect for your Toony Licence (Which give access to commands even after the event is over!), and occasionaly raffles and other activities! We also have a monthly art raffle thanks to our Patrons! All of this is offered for free for the Toony community to enjoy! We're also committed to offering a space free of Drama, political and religious topics. Our dedicated staff team is always available to help if you need anything or have any questions!

    You can join our community by clicking this link: Or: !
    (There is a little initiation phase, Listen to Cassiopée and you'll be okay!)


    We love artists and the amazing art they bring us which can help us reflect or simply keep us entertained! Arcaxonia is a small merchandise store based in Québec, Canada. Our goal is to give artists the opportunity to make their designs into real products and to offer them to you!
    Arcaxonia started from an idea originally called Toony Shop; but as we worked on trying to find partners we found others outside of the Toony community interested in our project and ideas after several months of research Arcaxonia was born and the original idea of the Toony Shop was integrated into one of our many “collections”!

    Store is available at:

    $195 of $200 per month
    With this amount we will be able to fund a lot of projects currently in the works! Making it easy for us and others to use! We will also hold 2 more art raffles per month!

    Thank you all so much for the kindness! <3
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