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About The StormingDragon

Greetings! Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Katelyn, but online I am known as The StormingDragon. For short, feel free to call me storm! I am an Artist/Animator/writer, and my favorite thing to do is to write stories and bring my characters to life through my animation and art. I am 17 at the moment and will be going into my senior year in high school, after words I will be attending a collage for Animation to improve my skills as I grow and learn. However, we all know that Collage isn’t cheap so I am setting up this patron in hopes that I can make some money to help pay for my schooling, I would also like to be able to focus on my stories such as a PMV (Picture Movement Video) webseries I am creating on YouTube called “Fox Scars,” along with a book trilogy series I am writing called “The Monarch of the Dragons,” and much more.

About “Fox Scars”:
Fox Scars is a PMV series about a tribe of foxes trying to survive their harsh world. When they are not fighting the elements or predators they are fighting against a rival tribe known as the Skulks, who are merciless and will do whatever it takes to destroy the other tribes and take their territory. Will our protagonists be able to fight back and finally take down the evil that plagues the land? Or…?

About “Monarch of the Dragon”:
A fantasy adventure where we fallow a young boy named Edwin, who is taken away from his home by The Dragon Empress because of his unique ability that was thought to be lost in the ages and was no more but a fairy tale. As he adjusts to his new home, makes friends, and starts his training to become a Dragon Knight, Edwin’s presence does more harm than good when he is responsible for the resurrection of an old enemy.

These are just two of the stories I create, as a writer I am constantly thinking of new ideas and working on them and developing them until I get something in like.

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lets see if we can get to $500.00 a month to help me with my collage education  
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