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is creating an MMORPG based on a public RESTful API

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You believe in me and the idea of the game and wish to see it to the end. This comes with Beta access when and if we get there. The more of you there are, the higher the chances of this coming to see the light.
  • Early access to content
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You want to play the game like soon. Not never. You want to help pay for server operation costs so the game can stay existant and not temporary. This tier will come with some extra goodies in game for you as well as everything in the previous tier.

  • Exclusive Patreon Cloak that provides some movement speed.
  • A scroll of instant travel.
  • Early access to content
  • Patron-only posts and messages


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You want this thing NOW. If any lovely people do this, I will begin my coffee fueled late night development sessions until I have something playable for you. This tier will come with all goodies from the previous tier plus:

  • Exclusive Patreon Backpack that improves carry weight
  • Alpha access to the game
  • Bigger influence when it comes to voting for new game features
  • Patron-only posts and messages
  • Early access to content
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About The Temporary Plane

So, you've found yourself at The Temporary Plane. A world of temporary existence stories to be told.

The Temporary Plane is a MUD like MMORPG and runs on a public RESTful API. I will be fully documenting the API so that anyone can build a UI in whichever way they please, especially if they don't like mine. I don't even know what it'll look like yet, but it'll be cool, I think. I am in a pretty early stage of development and still working on many core features of the game. The world will forever be changing and altering as you help me shape it by just playing!

What gameplay features?

I'm glad you asked! You will be able to do things like...
  • Run quests from city quest boards. 
  • Travel from location to location. 
  • Explore beyond the safety of the city walls you are behind. 
  • Work on leveling up some skills like Logging and Mining. 
  • Craft better equipment and items to help you on tougher quests or world bosses. 
There could be more to do as well! It really depends on the community to help me build a game we all enjoy.


  • Runescape
    • I am one of those people that constantly goes back to Runescape to skill away for a few months and turn away from it. I can see myself doing that with something like this, but make it easier to play while I'm working, traveling, on vacation, and maybe at dinner? All it would take is loading up a website and clicking some buttons to work on your character to get better at something.
  • "something" clicker
    • Those clicker games are fun to play for a few days before you get to the end and there really isn't more there. I'm hoping to make it as easy as "clicking", but more engaging with the world. Maybe you don't play for a week and the town you were in got raided by a local goblin camp? Where do you go? What do you do?

Closing notes

Thanks for making it this far, I really appreciate it.  I'm going to be working on a few other ways to reach the community. I'm thinking a Discord server might be best, but Telegram is also on my mind. Let me know what you think because I want it to be easy.

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