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The Thing About Cars

a fun, talk-automotive program.

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About The Thing About Cars

Thank you for listening to our podcast and for being a part of our car-loving family.  We continue to learn and improve with the feedback our listeners give us.  We hope you'll continue to support us as we improve our podcasting skills and experiment with different formats, segments, and content options.  

The Thing About Cars started off as a walk through an actual car scrapyard, where Ben and Mickey started a conversation about cars that never really stopped. Our first desire was to differentiate ourselves immediately from all the other automotive podcasts by including women on our panel. We are lucky to have Beka and Becca with us at the table, two powerhouses of automotive skill and talent.  

The Thing About Cars is a talk-show podcast about cars and the people who love them. We have a great time getting to know our fellow drivers and fans. We love being invited to local automotive events. And we'll happily geek out on anything automotive.

Please note the Mustang emblem on Beka's headphones, above.

We are always on the lookout for more fun people to join us at the microphone. Got a car thing on your mind? Drop us a line. 
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