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About The Tiny House

Four years ago I started a campaign to provide immediate, emergency shelter to the unsheltered population on the streets of Los Angeles.. it was one Hell of a ride! It shed light on the severity of the situation, rallied the public at large, and stirred up city officials. Starting Human's My Tiny House Project LA received media world-wide. And although it created controversy at the time, it started a conversation that no one was having before.

For a couple of years, city officials and I went rounds about what to do for this group of people, but in 2017 they invited me to submit a formal request for bid to build the first Emergency Tiny Home Pilot Village in Los Angeles, slated for District 1. My partner, some amazing volunteers and I worked around the clock and our bid made it to the last round, but didn't win it.
We learned a LOT.

I have always told my unsheltered friends, "I won't give up; I don't quit." So I have gathered the knowledge from my experience over the last four years, found a group of humanitarian collaborators who believe in my vision, and together we know that we can make waves and save lives, right here in our own communities.

Over the last four years, homelessness has increased at rates that are so alarming that they have held headlines, non-stop. These human beings have become refugees right in our own back yards.

I can take the project plan that I created for the City of Los Angeles and adapt it to any city, county or state that is motivated and forward-thinking enough to implement it, and that's what I am going to do, starting from the ground up, so our new, broader and more powerful goals needs a new, more simple and to the point name: The Tiny House (#TheTinyHouse).

The first thing that I need is a way to earn income that is flexible enough that I can spend my most productive hours creating video conferences, promotional materials, organizing informative local events and business plans to bring together the brightest minds to fill the business's seats. Then - it's GO TIME!

I can't wait to lay a strong foundation for this operation to launch, because being back in the streets- building tiny houses- rallying volunteers and literally saving lives is what I was born to do. I invite you on this journey with me; I promise- it will change your life.

Patreon is a platform that gives me the chance to make you a member of our inner circle; to watch and participate in growing this thing bigger and badder than it ever was before, and it provides you with a front seat, and the knowledge that YOU are creating positive change in the world- up close and personal!

If you have seen any of Starting Human's My Tiny House Project LA past media coverage- Dateline, UpRoxx, 60 Second Docs, CNN, RT, ABC, NBC (the list goes on)... and you felt excited - this is gonna knock your socks off, because I've learned so much about what this population needs and what our communities need- I'm ready to build a bridge between the two, and I'm inviting you to become part of that bridge.

The video above was produced by UpRoxx a few years ago; I'll have an updated invitational video soon! But I need a basic foundation and the resources to build that foundation, so if you're as ready as I am, sign up as a monthly member and - Let's DO This!!

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