The Traveling Merchants

is creating 3D printed Costume Props and Memorabilia
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Friendly Townsperson
per month

For helping us with our goals, we will give you a shout out in our monthly build videos, as well as a 5% discount off your next order with us!

Fellow Traveler
per month

A small Prop or piece of Memorabilia designed and featured in our build videos for the month. Examples include Belt Buckles, logos or coins, grenades, or other similar sized items. -All Benefits are unsanded, unpainted, unfinished kits-

Guild Apprentice
per month

A size between small and mid, this tier's benefits are for half mask type props or similarly sized pieces.  -All Benefits are unsanded, unpainted, unfinished kits- 




per month

About The Traveling Merchants

We at The Traveling Merchants have one goal--To make Cosplay an easier and cheaper hobby for those that want to get into the experience and for those already well along in their journeys. We are working to make props and costumes available at low cost, as well as teach individuals how to make their own with everything from 3D printers to sewing machines and foam!

-Images seen are examples of pieces we've printed, and are not necessarily designed, finished, or held by The Traveling Merchants-

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