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You're just another guy to them...

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This is the first tier, but believe me, the fact that you've taken your time to play my game and show any support past a compliment is appreciated beyond what you could ever imagine, and I humbly accept your support. 
  • You also get access to patreon only content, which will include renders and scene ideas :)
  • Access to proof of life posts and general game talking points that aren't public
  • Discord roll letting people know you're a supporter
  • Includes Discord benefits

    They're starting to notice you...

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    Hey, you're buying me a coffee and I love you for that.
    You get:
    • Same as above tier, but you get access to special renders that are in the making that 1 dollar Patron's don't get to see.
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    Includes Discord benefits

    You have their attention...

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    Okay, now I'm flattered. You get: All of the above,
    My everlasting Gratittude

    • Access to wallpapers for the character that is voted on for that month.
    • 1 vote in each poll
    • Access to Final update 3 days early.
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    • Exclusive access to game night Discord (To be created)
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    About The Typist

    About me!
    Welcome to my Patreon page :)
    I go by The Typist, because I love to type and write. 
    My real name is John. I'm an aspiring game developer who is learning new methods of creating high quality visual novels for your enjoyment.
    About my game:
    This game is a visual novel where you live out the lives of John and Claire, a couple who have been together since high school and live a casual, care free life just going with the motions. At an age where couple begin to consider marriage, the two begin to wonder if it's right for them, or if they're together for the right reasons. Between having too much time on their hands, a city to explore around them, and a lot of new friends in the mix, it's up to you, as the player, to determine what you feel is the right path to take. In this Interactive Novel, you will have opportunities to explore new love interests, fall deeper in love with the girl you already know and love most, and, or, just go all out and choose whatever you feel fits you best.

    What if I do pledge?
    Well, for one, I will be forever grateful.
    Two, you will get access to discord roles giving you a color based on your tier. Each tier has it's own benefits. This can range anywhere from exclusive render and story previews, to new wallpapers, and votes in game changing polls. I am also a very responsive developer. Since day one, I have not only responded to practically every single personal message I receive, but i'm also active on forums and my discord. If i'm not replying, know i'm definitely reading it and getting something from it if it isn't a question or concern. I've made some great friends through this game, and have experienced what it is like to have some amazing moral support and motivation through my supporters.
    Not only are you supporting the creation of this game, you are becoming a close friend of mine if you decide you want to be a part of this dream. Without you guys, I do not know what my life would be like now. And although i'm a small dev... we will grow together for years to come, whether i make 1 dollar a month, or 10,000 dollars a month, I will always be the same guy, producing better and better content for you guys, my family away from home.

    Main Characters:


    Claire is your long term girlfriend. Loving, imaginative, and full of untapped potential. 


    Claire's sister, and your roommate, who struggles to find her place in the world along side everyone.

    And many more side characters, all interactable in the future ...

    Local barista...

    Milf next door...

    Join us, so we can build a game where you decide who's love it worth pursuing :) 

    Thank you...
    For being the best supporters any dev can ask for.
    $366.22 of $500 per month
    So close... This goal has been within reach for such a long time... Hitting this goal will mean quicker releases.
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