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About The Universe of CMed

Hello everyone, my name is CMed. I am a writer in the realm of erotic fiction, history, science fiction, and fantasy. A little bit about me. I am a veteran in the US Military. I served a deployment overseas and have learned my true calling as a writer rather than combat and defense. I am currently in the realm of writing the Tales of Heroes series  and Gabatrix Series (also part of the Tales of Heroes series) and wish to explore more. The concept of the Tales of Heroes series is that I wanted to make a series in which all my books are joined together under one universe. Instead of a DnD adventure like so many including myself have tried to write, I instead wanted to make a series where history is the script. Actual mythical, religious, fairy tale, and legendary characters all throughout the history of mankind would be the main or supporting characters as history continues around humanity itself. It is in many aspects an Alternate History/Historical Fiction but an attempt to be as closely accurate to what happened to us as the human race. Of course my stories are erotic fiction and I treat sex as important in the story. For example, sometimes characters getting pregnant is not only important to the story plot but children born may play roles in future stories. My stories do deal with the realm of furries, scalies, and anthro like creatures and human relationships.

I also write Gabatrix. The series is tied to the Tales of Heroes universe but is set three hundred years into the future. It is designed to be a borderline hard and soft science fiction space series and is about us surviving out there in space. Hard science fiction is something like The Expanse where accuracy in how future equipment works/physics (Like not having gravity plating in a ship) operates and soft science fiction is something like Star Wars or Star Trek where realism is a little bit sacrificed to ensure production quality is met. Gabatrix is designed where you don't have to read Tales of Heroes but there are nice references here and there if you did. You might enjoy it with Gabatrix: Minerva being the first book of the series. I even construct my own concept work for it.

So this is where Patreon comes in as a whole. I have hundreds of characters for Tales of Heroes alone. My stories are free and currently marketing my stories (an edited 2nd version of those books using Grammarly). I treat this as a donation box. If you like my stories and wish to contribute to the whole process then you may. I always commission artists to not only work on things such as cover art but also concept art (both erotic and non erotic). To see the artwork I have commissioned so far you can check out Furaffinity (, Sofurry (, Deviantart ( and Hentaifoundry ( where I have the artwork and lore posted. My stories are also posted on ( where you can read them too. While I have my own resources to help contribute to this process, you can also help be a part of it as well. The more money that I receive goes to commissioning more artists and more artwork. If this series is successful, then I will not have to worry about having a separate job and instead write all day and all the time (allowing books to be completed much quicker as a result).

So help the cause. A dollar a month will allow you to participate in the weekly blog where you can provide feedback to my stories, see early work of artwork that will be commissioned, concept ideas that I have, and also read the story that I am currently working on before the more final completed draft is submitted to here and my other accounts. In the meantime, I leave this up to you and how you feel about this. Thank you for contributing. :)
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 75 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 75 exclusive posts

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