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This would be a huge wake up call for me as I would then attempt to get a new game or movie review out every week. Making new reviews would become my number 1 priority as I would finally be able to contribute all my free time towards making new episodes. I would finally be able to afford my own space to make videos which means I would have the freedom to make them whenever I wanted. The added funds and subsequent living space would also improve my production values. Better lighting, better camera and better green screen effects too.


My name is Ross John Fearnley; I'm 23 and live in Bradford, West Yorkshire in the UK. I have a BA in Media Studies and Television Production and wish to be able to make video reviews for a living. My three biggest passions are film, video games and making people laugh. My reviews give me the opportunity to express those three passions.


Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK

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Who Are You and What Do You Do?

My name is Ross Fearnley and live in the UK. My biggest hobby is making YouTube videos; namely video game and movie reviews. I make two kinds of reviews:

The Unusual Suspect

This is my main show. I take an in-depth look at popular films and make a mockery of 'em! I do a run through of entire film and comment on its scenes; all whilst cracking jokes and having fun! These videos are heavily influenced by an idol of mine's videos: The Nostalgia Critic.

Here's an example of an episode:

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