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About The Vertical Adventurer

Still a nerd at heart, I’m now getting outside as much as I can in my new home, New Zealand.

I spent a lot of time inside while growing up. I always had this feeling I wanted to explore the unknown. To see what was over the hill or inside that hole. My calling was always there, I just needed to access it.

But I didn’t know how.

Then one day everything changed. I was dragged along on a short hike and saw some hikers emerge from off the beaten trail. Clothes stained muddy and worn but with smiles on their faces, I knew I wanted to be them. I had to.

I made it my mission to get outdoors and learn all I needed to stay safe and explore.

It wasn't long before opportunities arose to try rock climbing. Scared beyond belief, I never thought I could do it. But I tried and tried and tried. And I’m still trying today!

I realised my life and well being vastly improved when outside & getting out of my comfort zone. Then I noticed that the people I guided out there felt the same way. It was all smiles. Bonds formed stronger than any I had ever known.

What if we were just ‘meant’ to be out there?

Ding! It hit me like a rock on a helmet.

I want to create a way to inspire everyone to be outside more enjoying nature and its wonders. Connecting in whatever way we want, whether it’s hiking, climbing, canyoning, caving, it doesn’t matter; it’s about taking ourselves further in every capacity.

We can ALL do it. Let’s spend more time outdoors! And I want to show people how. I want to inspire and motivate them.

So that’s where YOU come in.

I want to help you get to where you want to be in the outdoors. Adventure is the result of us being out there, and you have every ability to experience it.

Whether you just love reading my stories, or you want to progress further in your outdoor skills, by supporting my efforts I hope I can bring back the love in content that will floor you in its usefulness and entertainment.

“Wait, so what will you do with the money, can’t you just do it for the love of it?” I hear you ask...

Alas, bringing content to the world wide web has its costs. From the website to subscriptions of all sorts just to keep things running on the back end, there are also the many, many hours spent making sure all the content is the best it can be. Those late nights spent making sure everything is perfect is all for you.

So if you love the way things are headed (it’s all still all quite new, keep in mind), then I will be eternally grateful for any support you can lend. You have a choice of tiers as displayed to the right. Just pick one that works for you. And as everything grows, so will the rewards, and I will not forget you.

So I thank you! I thank you a hundred times over for your support. It means the world to me.

From your new adventure buddy and friend, 


'The Vertical Adventurer'

PS: If by some chance you change your mind, don’t fret! I understand life throws challenges our way. A tear may roll slowly down my face when the day comes, but no hard feelings are felt, I promise!
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