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About The Ward

Hey everyone! If you are a long time fan of my videos you don't need an explanation as to what it is that I do. Also, welcome! But for new viewers, let me break it down. I make machinima videos and let's plays. Don't know what machinima is? Machinima is a movie or show created in a videogame environment using in-game characters as the actors, the game levels as the sets and writing a unique story to be acted out and dubbed, creating something totally new! Watch the video aboce to get a better idea. These videos are incredibly time consuming to create, as I am the producer, writer, director, puppeteer, sound designer, editor, voice actor and more! I work a full time job too. Also, audio/video equipment costs a substantial amount of money to create quality material. I will be using your contributions to invest in better equipment allowing me to create higher quality content faster and more frequently!
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New machinima show! *The New Adventures of Old Megaman*

A brand new machinima show will be created using Dead Rising. The show follows a much older and not so wiser Megaman. After putting a stop to Dr Wily's robotic shenanigans in the year 200X, Megaman was forced into an early retirement as the world just didn't need him anymore. Fast forward to the year 20XX! Megaman is old, bitter, out of shape and well, really stupid! But hey, it's never too late for an adventure! Megaman catches wind of a new threat from none other than DR Wily......... Jr. Who has unleashed a plague of Zombots? on an unsuspecting public. What happens next? Find out by hitting the $100 milestone goal!
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