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About NeoBokrug Elytis

In Second Life, my name is NeoBokrug Elytis.  I've created and worked on dozens of projects in SL. Some are well known, while others are exceedingly obscure -- but my pride and joy is and always has been The Wastelands!  It's a post-apocalyptic environment in Second Life for people to liverole play, and play games in.  I've been working on it for over a decade now, and it has been so amazing to watch it grow and evolve into what it's become today!

I really love working on The Wastelands: its games, the estate, and even more recently participating in some RP events.  Currently, I put almost every minute of my spare time into The Wastelands and developing it's free games.  A lot of people suggested that I start a Patreon so they could show their support in more ways than just owning land inworld, so here it is!

Well, you've got a couple of rewards on the right hand side, depending on how much you want to donate.  I can't promise that the rewards will always be the same, but I can promise that I will endeavor to make them better where ever I can!  Plus you get the satisfaction that you're helping support one of the best places in Second Life.

Thank You!
Whether you spend your time by just hanging out in The Wastelands, already own some land there, donate a dollar, or five hundred of them, thank you from the bottom of my rusty heart!  You're helping to make The Wastelands better!  Hey, and if you can't afford to donate, I still love you.  Just tell your friends about us!

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