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At The Wide-Body, we provide useful information about Health, Fitness, and Food, for the every day athlete. Who is an "every day" athlete? That person is YOU!

What is a "Wide-Body"? It is a nickname I picked up years ago because I'm wide! One year I ran three marathons, was in amazing shape, but no one would have accused me of being "thin". I'm not here to tell you that you will look like an underwear model after following information I provide you. If people tell you that, they are lying. My goal is to provide the best science based information so that you can use the gifts you were born with, and be the best athlete that you can be.

I believe we are ALL born to be an athletes. But we grow up and lose that sense of what it was like to be physical, to enjoy competition, to "mix it up and get a little sweaty". We get "busy" in the "real world" and leave behind those gifts with which we were born. I want to inspire you to find your gift and become the best athlete you can be.

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