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About The ZonZon Zone

Hello!! I am Zon, and this is my patreon for everything regarding my stories, The Progenitor and Cybermind.

Geos is an alternate Earth in which humans lose their standing as the dominant species. During the the first civilizations, mankind discovers a small purple creature: the Progenitor, or Progen for short. It seems cute and harmless, but as its intelligence grows in tandem with mankind, it quickly becomes apparent that this creature isn't so cute after all. It's immortal, and it soon figures out that it can manipulate the minds of humans to get what it wants. And it's not alone...

Cybermind is about a woman named Meika who was genetically engineered to be the ultimate soldier. Her synthetically enhanced brain gives her the capability of processing complex problems with inhuman speed and accuracy, and she learns that with a mind like hers, she can outwit anyone... except for the one person in the world who is exactly like her. As she rebels against the ones that made her and pursues her own ideals for humankind, she goes up against him in the ultimate battle of wits and war.

Thank you for visiting! If you like what you see, why not become a patron? There are more demon kitties where that came from!
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I would definitely love some extra cash to help me out with groceries. My university isn't too cheap, and unfortunately I only managed to get enough scholarships to pay for half. I'm thrifty enough to survive two weeks on twenty bucks (even if it means eating like I'm in an underground bunker), so every little bit helps a lot!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 19 exclusive posts
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