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Operations won't get far without the logisticians, those often unremarked chaps who rarely get the glory or the rewards. The efforts may not be dramatic (And neither are the tier rewards), but regular supply is essential. At this level, the primary reward is, frankly, the satisfaction of knowing that you helped contribute to the newly released video you just watched, and that it permits more of the same to look forward to in the future.

- This tier privilege is a guarantee that I will read your comments on Patreon, and almost certainly will reply to them. (I'm beginning to get overwhelmed on Youtube and FB)

- Assuming I figure out this Patreon Lens business, you'll get whatever I put on it as I go about things

S6, Commo

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"You may talk about us, but you can't talk without us".

-If you select this tier, you have my attention.  In addition to the lower tier benefits, welcome to the Discord server: rapid, two-way communications has been established.

Note: This is done manually, so at the beginning of the month (when the charges are made), watch for the invite.

- -You also get to know my schedule; at least, when I have it figured out. This will allow for physical meet-ups if I happen to be in your area.  

-10 Level, Operator

per month

All vehicle operations are founded on the basics of the crew doing what they need to keep a vehicle running. In US parlance, the -10 level. (Hence the operator's manual is referred to as the 'dash-10', named after its serial number). As a reward for their contributions, they also get a bit of fun.

-In addition to the lower tier benefit, this tier permits access to a monthly live-stream, a general chit-chat session. Questions answered to the best of 'at the time' ability.  Time/Date will vary a bit per month to accommodate time zones



About The Chieftain

Who Am I?
Nicholas Moran, resident of Texas

What do I do?
I make military history videos, focusing primarily on the design, development and use of armored vehicles, particularly tanks. I also have written a book, Can Openers, a history of the technical development of the US Army's Tank Destroyers, and occasionally flog merchandise like a T-shirt.

What makes your channel unique?
Practical application of knowledge combined with a rather dry sense of humor. There are many channels which will throw up a photo of a tank and tell you all the specifications which you can probably look up yourself anyway. I, however, take the camera inside the tanks, and then show you features and design decisions which are of interest to someone who crews the things, with an emphasis on how good vehicles are at winning a fight or a war, not just a wargame. Tank egress tests (The special, patented, "Oh bugger, the tank is on fire" test) are only found on my channel. Model makers will also find a lot of camera angles of rarely seen components to aid them in better making replicas. Heavy emphasis on primary sources: I don't just go to the tanks, I also go to the archives.

What are your qualifications?
Few that are conclusive, I fear. I am an Armor officer of the US Army National Guard. Of two year-long deployments, one was on tanks, providing excellent perspective on what it's like to live with and fight a tank and keep it running, not just know the Wiki specifications. I have been associated with tank musea since 2001, giving tours of the old Littlefield Collection when it was the 200-piece strong MVTF, with plenty of access to all the vehicles. I have a good library and a willingness to leave my desk to find more information. Still, there is precedent. David Fletcher claims his only official qualification for anything is a Melbourne tram operator's license, and he's basically awesome.

Aren't your videos already funded by your full-time employer?
Until recently, yes, they often were, which is why this Patreon page is also only recent. Of late, however, I have taken my own time (vacation, evenings etc) to create additional videos. And, unfortunately, this means I also have to cover travel, equipment, and so on. Put bluntly, without Patreon, I'm running a loss.

So what would you do with a financial contribution?
Fundamentally, I have to go where the tanks are. Cheap desk videos such as on the ones on Doctrine or Switchology will continue to be made, but really, you want to see the tanks and other vehicles. Unfortunately, most of the good, interesting tanks are the wrong side of large bodies of water, and are four-figure dollar values just to get there. Some musea charge filming fees. Before filming, the operator's manuals or the next best thing available must be purchased to ensure accurate information. New improved A/V equipment is also allowing better production quality (Compare the two Rock Island Auction Company series of videos, for a case in point), but it's also not cheap. Bottom line, more of what you want, and better quality.

What's with the tiers?
It's a Patreon thing, and actually, a surprisingly difficult thing for me as a creator to make work. A contributor going for the lowest tier is still undertaking an act of great generosity, trust and faith, but levels of acknowledgement and thanks are still required for those who go for higher tiers. This is the best I've come up with. If you guys have any ideas, throw them at me, and with more options, I should be able to start cascading things down whilst still maintaining a difference in grade. At the higher levels, I suspect it's because those folks really care more about the product than about the tier privileges, but the privileges are the best way for me to acknowledge and thank them. (Outside of making more and better product, of course!)

Note, this is new to me, so if you're an early adopter, as it were, it may take me a little bit to work out the kinks on the rewards. Bear with me. 

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 40 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 40 exclusive posts

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