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Yeah I know that’s not my quote, but I like it! Anyway, if you donate to this tier, you get your name put at the beginning of each and every one of my newly made videos along with a special thanks and shoutout! Hoorah! Also, you'll get to request a random phrase for me to say in my outros!
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Hey. I am an Unoriginal content creator. (Don’t ask how I got the name) I mainly make content on YouTube in the form of gameplay videos, the occasional live stream (as in more than my actual videos) and memes. I also do a Let's Play series with Ghost Archer called "2 Sleep Deprived Idiots. (2SDI)" This Patreon is a way for me to make things a little more easier. (As in hiring an editor and getting recording space for 2SDI)
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Once we reach this goal (gotta keep it simple, I just started this patreon.) I will Host a merch design contest. (More details when the goal actually gets reached.) So tell your friends to donate to The Unoriginal’s Patreon so we can get this party started!
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