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Hi. For those who do not know my name is Jackie, I am a 33 Year old woman who has a dream! The thing is though, I’m not your average 33 year old, which is why I’m needing your help. You see I was born with 2 life threatening diseases! One is called Hydrocephalus (fluid in and around the brain) this disease is life threatening all on its own if it is not watched carefully, you can control this disease though, you can have a Shunt which is a type of tubing (surgical drainage tube) inserted into your brain and than that tube is carried down into my belly, so than the fluid that continually builds up in and around my brain can drain in my belly and than my body can release it naturally. I also battle another disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta (brittle bone disease), because I battle both these diseases together and because both disease are extreme I have been categorized as “terminal” since birth, when I was born my parents were told I would be dead within 10 days, and even after that moment I was told several times throughout my life that I was “dying” I celebrated many birthdays thinking it was my last, but THANK YOU JESUS BY HIS GRACE I HAVE SURVIVED AND AM THRIVING! Which is an incredible gift, but because of that, like many people in my shoes I just focused on the moment and because I thought my life was going to end early, I never really thought about what I’d do when I “grew up”, but once I realized oh crap I’m over 18 and I have absolutely nothing in my life to focus on or to call my own, or to even dream about. So once I came to that realization I than took a few years to focus on me, my desires my wants, my dreams, and one thing I realized is, I always did have a real passion for words, reading, writing and more importantly expressing not only my feelings through words but also expressing the Joy that lives inside of me and how that joy is what has kept me going. I also realized that not only did I love sharing the story that God has created in my life but I also realized I loved sharing other people’s stories! So I than said ok God I know I’m supposed to write a book, I know you have been laying that on my heart for years, and I know I ignored that desire for years, because I was so focused on surviving but what’s the point of continuing to thrive in life if I do not do anything with my life and with the time God has given me.

I took a few years and wrote on a blog to kind of work my craft and seen if I could truly handle writing, after a few years the blog was going great and I said ok yes I got this, but it wasn’t enough for me, I wanted more! I wanted that book and I wanted a podcast so that I had a platform to not only share my stories but also share other peoples stories, and one of my hobbies was music, I loved music and had been singing since I was old enough to speak, but even though I loved music it was not my passion, it was not my dream, which I know that might surprise some people because music was such a huge part of my life as a child, but it still was not my dream!  My dream was my book and my podcast. I knew I could not do everything at once so I said: ok Lord, baby steps.  

2013 is when  I started officially writing the book, I have been working my butt off on this book, there are days I literally stay up for hours during the night to write. Late at night is the only time I truly get privacy because during the day my Moms up and dad or my Nurse is here and I love all those people and am so appreciative that I have them because I do know there’s many people in my shoes who have no one, so please don’t think I’m complaining about them because I’m not, but because there always around it’s hard to get privacy and because I cannot walk it’s especially hard to get privacy LOL, so I wait till night time because that’s the only time  I’m alone in my room it’s just me and Jesus, and because of that,  that’s when I write and create, there’s days I’m up till 2-3AM and anyone who knows me knows I am not lying or exaggerating in anyway,  I have never committed to anything in life the way I have this book, the only other thing in my life that I have committed to is surviving, truly I have given this my all.

There's Four things that my world is centered around #1 GOD #2 my family #3 this book #4 the Podcast, but really 1-3 are the most important lol #4 is like a bonus LOL, Those few things have been my life. Like I said before I love music yes, but music is only my hobby, writing is my passion, it is what keeps me up at night, it is what keeps me dreaming. I love sharing my heart with people and there is no better way to do that. Most of you know the battles I've overcome so you know I'm a fighter and I will keep fighting and pushing through those barriers and fight for this book, till one of two things happen, one the book comes into existence and gets published, or two the LORD calls me home. Those are my options, so my point is, I will never give this dream up, nothing will stop me! So come be a part in making my dream come true because I'm not stopping for anyone or anything. This book will happen I believe it and now I need you to believe it with me❤️ I also created this page because like I said my 2nd dream was to create a podcast because I wanted a platform to share people’s stories and also share my love for music, but at the time that I started writing I had no clue how to create a podcast so that’s honestly why I started blogging, a blog was not what I envisioned for THE-BOOK-OF-ROO, that was never supposed to be a blog, it was always meant to be a podcast, but at the time I had no clue how to create a podcast and I knew I had to do something I couldn’t sit on my hands any longer! So that’s why I started the blog, that was in 2010 I think, so fast forward to 2019, yes an entire 9 years later I learned how to start a podcast and it’s been amazing, it’s only been in existence for about a month but I love it, I love telling my story and others stories and I love that I can incorporate music into it all.  

I mean what better way to infuse both my passions of story telling and music than through a podcast. So yes the book is my passion but the podcast is a small little extra something that I can focus on, like I said earlier I needed things to focus on besides being sick, so that’s what the book and podcast do
for me.

So I’d love if you all could join this page to help get not only the rest of the funds for this book but also funds to keep my podcast going. With the magic of technology now it was free to start one but it would be nice to have some extra funds to be able to invest in a microphone and some other sound equipment and recording programs that I need to really take this to the next level.  If you decided to join and support these projects, please know your not just investing in the book or podcast but your investing in me as a person. Obviously people in my condition have trouble getting a 9-5 job so we have to find alternative ways to find joy and self worth  in knowing we can accomplish things too, we have to find our passion beneath the trials. I am blessed because I knew from an early age that I was different and that I would not have the opportunities average people have, so I started at an early age thinking outside the box and focused on the things I could do and not what I couldn’t do, but because people like myself have to think outside the box we also have to think of ways to get things funded because most of us do not have that security of a “company”, and yes because of that we have to lean on the kindness of others to help us to achieve our dreams.

The reality is you all don’t have to care, it’s not your dream or your desire so you don’t have to do crap to help me, and the reality is a lot of you probably won’t because it’s not about you and doesn’t effect your little world, but for the one or two people who do read this and do truly know me and believe in me I’m asking for your help now more than ever, so please take a second and think about joining my page and make a commitment to partner up with me, you can commit to as little as $1 a month, and of course I’ll have perks for you all that do commit to giving.

From now till my birthday I’m believing to get at least 15 people to join and commit to helping fund these projects. If I can get at least 15 people to join and commit to giving $15 a month for the next 6 months that’s $1,350 which would be almost everything I need to finish funding the book! So right off the bat I want to say thank you, your support means everything to me! 

God bless Love Jackie 😘💋🙏
$32 of $10,000 per month
As you all know my writing career started with THE-BOOK-OF-ROO. My website that I personally designed and run. I love it, I love interviewing different artists and sharing my heart on that site. But sadly that cost money too and right now I kind of feel like I'm at a standstill with it. I see so much potential for that site and I have so many dreams for it. But again everything I want to do for it I cannot do on my own and I'd like to hire a professional website designer to help me get the site to look, feel and most Importantly run the way I envisioned it to run. I'd like to turn it into either a Ezine (online magazine) or podcast, but truthfully I can see it as a Ezine more than a podcast. But doing all this cost money and again is money I do not have. As you all know I'm disabled (cannot walk) so I like to think of you all as my arms and legs and right now I need you all more then ever. I need you to hold me up and move me forward. I am counting on you all to make these dreams possible. So what do you say, can we do this??
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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