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About Michael Gaffney

The Homeroom of Colony High is a weekly sci-fi adventure comedy about a school run by a group of alien refugees, and their daily efforts to educate their earthling students without giving themselves away, which becomes very difficult when the students learn to see through their clever facade. It is also a story about the Wand Girls, a gang of super powered vigilantes who roam the earth dispensing justice and beatings to anyone who needs them with... mixed results. But most of all, it's about the mysterious Leena Gallagher who has to live among these crazy people. 

I need funds to cover the expenses of a weekly webcomic. You can help make this project work. 

The Homeroom updates every Monday

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A webcomic is a labor of love, and a very expensive one at that. At my age, I should have a 9-5 gig at a job with a desk somewhere. But there's only one thing I'll ever be happy doing, and I know it. After so many years, I will make my webcomic a reality.

But I can't do it alone. Comics are expensive to make. It's not just things like pens and paper, that stuff's expensive enough. It will need proper web hosting, advertising, and down the road, merchandising. There's also the time involved. I needto be able to do this weekly, and to do it right takes time away from regular day jobs. So if this is going to work, we need to work together.

If you're here at all, you've seen my work. You've seen what I can do with a pen, paper, and a bored afternoon. Now let's find out what I can do with a budget and plan. This ongoing series will take years to complete, and I plan to stick to it.

It's my dream.

Let it be your dream too. Let it be your comic too.

Please Note!
As this endeavor is new, the rewards are in an early stage of development, and thus are subject to change in future months. Any rewards promised at time of initial donation will absolutely be honored. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 28 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 28 exclusive posts

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