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A personalized thank you audio.
You're free to include up to a few sentences – or even a few paragraphs - about yourself in a message to me so that I may respond to those characteristics or whatever you choose to include in that very thank you audio... otherwise it wouldn't be very personal would it? But it IS up to you.

Access to bi-weekly polls on which script I produce/fill next.
I'm hopefully going to set up the alternative vote system for that for the sake of healthier democracy. And please do note that I have final say – so if it's something I'm not comfortable with performing, I... well, I won't perform it - but I have no intention to disrespecting the results of an alternate vote in the general sense. For another example, if something got a close second place – I'm probably going to get to filling that soon after that which won first place. This is an important benefit to me because... well, the patrons should have something of a say in what the performer their donating to is working on. I think that's only fair. Having said that though, I do also wish to keep up a level of autonomy but that's exactly what the final say element is for really.

Early access to random bits of audio.
Could be music, could be a thought for the day, could be a rant, could be bloopers, whatever strikes my fancy. I can be highly impulsive with random pieces I make and I don't want this platform to be an exception to that trait.

Access to production notes.
I've always been a fan of documenting my feelings on productions in progress. Detail and volume – and even style sometimes – will vary but they'll be there. Hopefully they illuminate more about my process, the craft in general, and me as a person if you fancy that.
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'Kind' doesn't cut it

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Everything from the previous tier, and:

Early access to original NSFW work I produce

(This means that have originated from a script that is not public or has been offered. I'd be uncomfortable with keeping work that is not wholly mine away from the community which helped birth it.)

Early access to the SFW content I do.
The NSFW stuff will always be freely available. But this'll be yours to listen to for a week or two before public release.
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You're giving my heart a massage

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Everything from the previous tiers, and:

Entitlement to one half hour talk, over discord, a week.
I like to think I'm a good listener. We can talk about anything: what you should make for dinner, whether Freud was referring to Oedipus or possibly Hamlet with his infamous Oedipal complex, which flesh light or dildo is worth 300 dollars... It's up to you.

I'll check out any scripts you have for whatever purpose you want, whether that be feedback or a fill (If I like it, I'll put it on a list of scripts to fill/ produce)
  • Early access to episodes
  • Bonus episodes
  • Digital downloads
  • Phone call
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About The knockin' shops of Soho

I'm flattered that people continue to subscribe to my patreon, but in case you haven't read my reddit update(which is the same as the one posted here earlier on this year):

I am not producing erotic audio at the present time. Any new subscribers will be refunded. I log on to patreon each month to pause the billing cycle for every subscriber.

I hope to continue producing new audio in July 2022, but this is not a guarantee. In all honesty, it's unlikely I'll continue beyond finishing certain projects that were partway done to at least the level of being readable. But 'never say never' and all that.

What follows below is the original patreon page. 
Despite what the title implies, I'm just one guy.  And that one guy is making lewd audios that immerse, titilate, and relieve. 

When I heard my first really good erotic audio, not only did I have a notable orgasm but I felt liberated. There's a very particular power to the eroticism and raw arousal behind not only the spoken word in erotic audio but the natural sounds of various types of intercourse, as well as the fine immersion afforded to it by vigilant sound design.  That power provides direct experiences of wonderful pleasure, good natured entertainment, and a profound level of intimacy.
Since I discovered that I was capable of creating such experiences, I have fallen in love with the craft.
So, with this in mind.... and to put things overly simply:
I want to move you;
I want to liberate you;
I want to relieve you in that most profound of natural ways ;)

If you've appreciated my work for whatever reason you have done and if you'd like to become a patron to help develop that content and aid it in achieving the goals I have for it – as well as aid in the achievement of some personal goals - I'd not only appreciate it but, in a real way, both I and the content would be indebted to you for it's effect and sentiment!

If you have more time, my intro video from 1:59 onwards will tell you more about my plans to develop my work and how the tier benefits will work too.  And if you have any questions regarding anything, you can reach me on reddit and/or here: [email protected]

PLEASE READ: Any feedback on the tier benefits, and subscription prices, would be greatly appreciated at this time.  Money talk is always a bit awkward, and often vulgar, but the feelings of anyone visiting this page on matters of benefits and etiquette are of utmost important to me.  There may be some changes to the benefits here and there (especially in regard to the benefits for the third and highest tier if an unexpected amount of people are feeling particularly generous).

$1.36 - reached! per month
First patron
Yeah....  This isn' the kind of thing I can ask my friends or family to be the first donators on.   As such, it's the first goal and an immensley important one.  I'll likely write that patron a few lines of gratitude. 
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