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      • Why Themistocles?

      • After the first attempt by the Persian's to try to invade Greece, The majority of people & military tacticians assumed that this was the last they would see of the Persian Empire. Themistocles knew that the Persians would return (In larger numbers) but had to convince the politicians & people to take the money from a newly found silver vein, Into building a fleet of 200 Triremes to bolster the Athenian navy (Rather than spreading the wealth to the people).

      • Themistocles used his political savvy to help the people understand that they could have money, But is the money useful if you cannot be safe, Or Be safe and live with less money BUT TO LIVE WITHOUT FETTERS!

      • It was the investment that saved Athens and all of the Greek city states from a total Naval Defeat when the Persian's returned with a far larger fleet, Just as Themistocles predicted.
        While the Spartans attempted to hold the pass of Thermopylae, A Greek fleet of 300 ships, 200 of which were Athenian, attempted to stem the advance of the Persian navy at Artemisia.

      • The smaller Greek fleet lured the Persian Fleet into an area between the large island of Euboea and the mainland. From there numbers did not matter. The smaller Greek fleet had a decisive victory, Shortly after there was a storm that further destroyed the Persian Navy. Euripides, the commander of the Spartan naval contingent who had been appointed the commander of the whole Greek fleet, wanted to abandon this position, much to the dismay of the Euboeans (That were fighting alongside the Athens).

      • Themistocles took over the Whole of the Greek Navy of 300 Ships. It was generally agreed that Themistocles was the savior of Greece.

      • Without the fleet Themistocles As Politician & General Bolstered, And If These ships were not built it Could have changed all of European History As We Know It.
              - What Are We Up Against?-  

        Like Themistocles I am doing the best I can to warn people & tell them the truth, And most importantly you Decide for yourself, But Wake up!, We can overcome this evil we face and figure this mess out if we do it together.

      • The Victim Narrative. Some White people are helping To AID in our own cultural demise To make things worse.

      Not All But Most Blacks Discriminate against whites in America.
      People Need To Learn & Accept The Truth. The Hour Is Getting Late, If something is not done by 2025 European people on EVERY CONTINENT will be a minority. The people against us, Zio Globalists & African Americans(Not all but most), As well as Migrants That Are Coming In To Replace us. African Americans already speak of how they will make laws against us when we are minority...Whites Have Carried The World in all types of innovations, And are MORE Than A FAIR/Equal as a majority population, So with this as your future how can you soundly sleep at night?

      • But when we are the minority, People are planning on how they can make us a victimized minority with unfair treatment, Due to past wrongs we had no control over, (There delusions make them think they are victimized, Due too Marxist teachings & from angry racist people).
      • Somehow they cannot see that the black on white violence is 60 to 1 today. They are 20% of the population that commit over 50% of the violent crime in America, Yet it is all blamed on whites either they deserved it, They were racist or whatever the blame may be. To this day thousands of European women are raped by blacks in America, Yet F.B.I. statistics show a percentage of less than 10 white on black rapes occured since the 1970's. These Liberal Marxists Are DELUSIONAL & FED LIES To Make Something As Simple As Saying "Hello" A Micro-Aggression, To be met with physical violence.

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      If you can toss anything in the hat, It is much appreciated & will be used to help to grow our network. As well as give me & my girlfriend more time to commit to the channel, And work day jobs.
        We both put in a lot of time with editing & uploading content. As well as touch on ALL issues we see as relevant to the current climate, Ignored by the mainstream & shill channels.

      I have been waking people up for over 7yrs. My girlfriend has been helping me for about 2yrs.

       We just would like to raise the money to get Better Sound equipment & better editing programs then we can start to do more with the channel (Including Better Video & Sound).

      My girlfriend & I commit a Lot of work & time into this channel, My 9th time's the charm YouTube channel, (Jan. 29th 2018 - We are under attack). We spend a lot of time Research/Editing to bring you the best most relevant content, (((Naming))) The Problem so many others gloss over. We also have a backup youtube, Bitchute & Steemit.

      If you have any questions or just want to chat you can e-mail me at [email protected]

      Thank You!!

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