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(I decided to edit my rewards. For now, for whatever amount pledged, everyone will get the same rewards, that are early access to my most time-consuming pieces that I will post on here. I prefer this system as it's easier for me and (to my opinion) more fair for my patrons)




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About Themys

I create fanarts for fun and because I am always daydreaming and wanting to share my stories, ideas, through art. I love drawing and I want to be able to improve and get better.
However, I am also a college student which not only take a lot of my time, but also cost money, especially since I'm not living with my parents and that they can't help me financially.
Being able to support myself financially through my art would not only help me everyday, but would also leave me time to keep creating art (which is impossible if I find myself having to take a part-time job on top of the vacation job I already have).
The Patrons' support would help me support myself financially in order to keep creating art and stay in college.

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