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About TheraminTrees

We each possess one of the most powerful tools in the known universe: the human brain. Through its use, we’ve been able to penetrate the workings of that universe at progressively stunning scales. But our most powerful tool is simultaneously our most powerful obstacle. Each one comes bundled with a vast range of psychological biases and defences, all of which can conspire to distort the information we gather. And, because these processes operate largely outside our awareness, we can be left with the illusion that that distorted information is good.

So, we see the double-edged nature of our brains — capable of great insight but also of great ignorance; of detection and projection; of productiveness and destructiveness; of rationality and rationalisation; of liberation and oppression. If, as a species, we’re going to make significant shifts towards the positive ends of these spectrums, I believe we need to cultivate much more awareness of the psychological traps invisibly set within our own brains that keep us anchored in the negative.

This is the core sentiment that drives my YouTube work. Sometimes, I explore broader psychological phenomena, but my special interest lies in the systems of illusion we’ve actively constructed for ourselves — including pseudoscience, but predominantly the superstitious dogma found in religion. For several years now, I’ve been deconstructing the unsubstantiated claims and fallacious defences put to me; the vulnerabilities exploited; the manipulative tactics employed; and the immoral messages asserted. And I know from countless responses I receive each year that the message is getting through. If you'd like to support the channel, every dollar contributes to more frequent uploads.
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