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 $1  This gets you into the door!!   You will have access to all posts.  I will be posted my current creations through out the process, as well as the finished product.    

💙You will receive a Welcome Creature of your choice!  And a chance to win the Monthly Framed Creation!!

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💙A monthly mini creation series key chain.  Which we will be voting on the series the month before!  

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About Therapeutic Coloring Across the Globe

♥️ Thank you first and foremost for supporting our Creation!! My name is Katie and my fiance's name is Matthew, our idea is to have a communial coloring support group around the globe!!🌎🌍🌏🙀🤯 

🌈It is a standard $5 buy in for supplies and postage!! No more money needed till We hit 25 Patrons then we will add additional tiers!   

🧡 We feel when you personally love something and you need "chill time" from your everyday stresses you deserve to be excited about the Mail coming!! Not depressed or overwhelmed by your bills, work related issues, illnesses, etc. 💯💯

💛 How we plan to pull this off will be up to all of you as much as us!  It starts with us (Myself and Matt), starting by blowing up a 8×10 printed copy off rom a Coloring Page we all voted on, then blowing it up according to the total number of people participating that month.  Then we will cutnit equally, andsendyou aloha. Piece of the   ie. we each color🖍️🖍️🖌️🖌️🎨🎨 one piece (character, animal, plant, etc) and add anything in background, or to the page that your heart desires, no matter what!!🙀🙀. Then we will send a section of the poster to each of you, based on our Patron count for that month!  And when your done with your part, you send it back to our Address!! 🌎🌎. And we will take it and get it framed professionally and we will do a randomly selected give away! And we will do this every month!! 🖼️🖼️ Just like a virtual bookclub!!  

💚Furthermore the way we will determine which page and medium we use for the current month, will be by vote as well!!  Everyone puts suggestions in ,and we will comment yes if interested in that suggestion.  The one with the most yays wins for that month!! 🎖️🎖️🏆🏆

💙 Another criteria is to either stream on any platform of your choice. 📽️📽️And if no internet or don't feel comfortable doing it, then take pics of poster before you start, while doing it and your finished section! 📸📸 So at the end Me and Matt will post our collaboration in its entirety for you guys to watch! 📺💻🖥️ 🎮 And see the progression of our Final Masterpiece. 🖼️🖼️ Also on the back everyone will sign it!  Bc it is a collaboration and no one person gets the credit!  😄😄

💜 Shipping will be free!! Your Patreon Pledges will pay for the shipping costs!! 😀😀🤯🤯. We are not in it for the money but the comradery of a support group! And we can all talk about our daily highs ⬆️ and lows ⬇️ to feel better about it! Vent your issues no matter what they are with no judgement!!

♥️ Please feel free to include your kids in the coloring process!  

We hope you will enjoy the end results! And thank you for all your support! 💕💕🌈🌈🌎🌍🌏.
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💜 When we hit 25 Patrons we will add more tiers than the $5 buy in. 

💙Anymore than $100 we receive for supplies and postage, we will be donating your Pledges to whatever charity you choose!

💚 We don't want the money for anything more than to finance this project!
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