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Welcome to the family.  This opening tier helps us out tremendously.  As a thank you we'll mention you in a shout out in our upcoming videos and podcasts. Plus you'll receive the endless love and adoration of The Unusual Buddha staff and the poor folks that put up with us while we make more materials for your practice.  

We have big plans and a little grass roots support would put us over the top!

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In this tier you'll get a the shout out, the love and adoration of us here at The Unusual Buddha, plus exclusive wall papers for your device, designed by The Unusual Buddha team.

We have big plans and a little grass roots support would put us over the top!

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This tier you'll get exclusive access to a montlhy Q&A session.  You ask the questions and we answer them in as close to real time as sitting next to us.  The dates and times will be announced as this tier fills in.  Portions of the Q&A sessions will be used to promote and further create content for The Unusual Buddha.  You will be on the cutting edge of the creation process as we design courses, guided meditations, and, more!



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My name is Jim Martin and I own I want to give no nonsense advice and how-to's to help simplify Buddhist philosophy, meditation, and, other spiritual matters.  I  do this in a gritty and raw way chock full of rap music references and swearing!  I'm looking to give patrons exclusives and exclusive access to be on the cutting edge of something so sorely needed in the world
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If we hit 500 patrons we can pay the staff, boy will they be happy about that
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