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The Void: bringing alternative artists the spotlight they deserve through punchy, personal and informative articles. That's really all we want: to provide talent with a potential fan or two. We don't thrive in power or squeezing readers from countless ads – we just give you the story – nothing more.

We do not earn anything from The Void. Our priority will always be the music and discovering untapped talent. We're lovers of the quill and alternative enthusiasts – nothing more. However, in order to launch the platform and harvest more of a following, we need you to help pitch in. Of course, nobody likes to really empty their wallets, and believe us – we hate to ask. But, if you're feeling generous enough to chip in £3 a month or so, then you'll be helping to take The Void to greater heights.

A small contribution can help towards upgrades for the site, a small salary for our volunteer writers, a prize draw for readers – and much, much more. 

We will always do what we do for free. We don't run off of profit. We run off of ambition and pride in the music industry. We want to help UK locals and give them the credit they deserve. But if you're feeling kind and want to be a massive supported of The Void, then please do consider pledging towards our platform. We'll definitely make it up to you.

Stay awesome, guys.

- Jord Tury
Founder & Editor-in-Chief 
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The Void UK is narrowed down to write-ups, sure. But, what's not to say we can't expand and interview artists in the flesh? With this milestone reached, we will look to bring in a professional or two who will attend events and record podcasts and live sessions. 
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