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About The.walking.multifandom

Welcome to my page! 

A little but about me:

My name is Kat! Or you may know me as Brooke. Either or I go by both!

I have been drawing since I was in kindergarten, maybe even younger. My passion for drawing has led me through many years, helping with my anxiety that has came with the years. 

My dream is to be able to make a living off of my art, aswell as making drawings people enjoy! 

If you are a fan of my art, thank you. I am very thankful for you liking my art and motivating me to continue drawing for you! 

This Patreon page is for people who want to help me continue drawing for everyone by giving me input, seeing the art as soon as it's finished, and requesting art that you would like to see! All for the price of a single $1!!
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