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My name is Seth Woods. I am a musician and songwriter living in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Much of my music is under the moniker The Whiskey Priest.

Full disclosure – I started this Patreon account years ago (2015?), and promptly did nothing with it. Why? Great question. Patreon tends to be about creating content, and I didn’t know exactly how to fit into that idea. I mean, I make music, and music is a form of content (sort of), but what was my goal (besides being able to afford to make more music more of the time)? I love recording albums, making sounds, playing with different and new instruments, collaborating with other musicians… but what about what to do HERE, for my patrons and with their help?

Over the last few years, my identity as a musician has been in flux, especially in the times that I haven’t been creating as much as I want to. When I was working my various jobs, or getting ready in the morning, or making dinner or walking the dogs, the activity my creative muscles most longed for was song writing.

So that is the goal of my patreon page. With your help, my aim is to work on writing songs on a regular basis. Whether it’s creating entirely new songs, or going back to half-started ones and finishing them up, I am shooting to have a song to share with you every week.

So, You’re A Musician… Where Can I Hear Your Music?

Hey, another good question! There's music to listen to over on Bandcamp, as well as on SpotifyApple Music, etc.

A Little More About Me…

I spent most of my twenties playing and recording music in Austin, Texas, while of course working the obligatory day jobs. In Austin, you can't spit without hitting a musician, and it's just something that everyone takes for granted, the ability and passion to play and write music. I took it for granted myself.

I moved to New Mexico in 2011, and since living here, I have found out what a central part of my being making music is. The more I do it, the more I thrive as a person. The more I neglect it, the more lifeless and joyless I am. Making music takes many forms for me – from playing live, arranging material to perform, recording myself and others, and tinkering with sounds and production elements. But at the core of it all for me is the song.

Currently in my non-musician life, I take care of young children as a nanny, as well as work with teenagers and adults with autism through a state program. I’ve done a thousand odd jobs as well, from hauling garbage, building fences, cleaning out garages, teaching guitar lessons, being a homeschool teacher, and more. None of these jobs were boring or a waste of time, and I’m grateful for all of them.

What Is This Patreon, Anyway?

Patreon presents a unique opportunity for creators and supporters alike. Unlike other crowd funding platforms like Kickstarter, at Patreon, supporters can become true patrons of the arts they love - not by putting down a sizable amount of money to a single project (like an album or a film), but by contributing a small and regular pledge to the artists, allowing them further freedom and sustainability in their life to continue to consistently create new works.

You, the patron, set the amount you want to pledge per release (in my case per song). You can also set a monthly cap, so that if I have a particularly productive period, you don't wind up going over your budget. For instance, if you pledged $5 per song, with a cap at $20 per month, and I put out three songs in February, you would be charged $15. And then in March, if I put out 6 songs, instead of paying $30 (at $5 per song x 6), you would only pay $20, because of the $20 cap.

And of course, you are free to change your pledge amount, or cancel, at anytime.

What Will My Pledge Will Go Towards?

The most immediate area that your patronage will affect for me is the potential of cutting down on other forms of income, allowing me the ability to focus more time and energy on writing and recording songs. Specifically what your funds will go towards is relief from the worry about daily needs, which for me being an insulin dependent diabetic, means medical care (regular doctor's visits, medication, etc.), and a healthy diet (veggies and protein!). That piece of mind alone frees up so much energy!

Beyond the other obvious basics of living (rent, bills, auto maintenance), your patronage has the potential to not just allow time and space for art to be made (which is HUGE), but also to help further the way it is created, by allowing funds for new and better gear, studio and touring time, tools such as web-design and PR, and much more. These are outlined in the Milestone Goals on this page.

How Does Being A Patron Benefit Me?

There are different tiers of patronage on my Patreon page. They all come with exclusive content, namely new songs as soon as they are finished, straight to my patrons and no one else. Some of these songs will most likely end up on an album at some point, but many won’t, and no one will have access to these specific recordings besides my patrons.

The entry tier will allow you access to the songs via online streaming on the Patreon page or app. The next tier up gives you the streaming plus a download, as well as access to a “behind the scenes” type of story about the song, the writing, the inspiration, etc. Higher tiers have more exclusive bonuses, such as extra “b-side” tracks, album downloads, and more. To see the different tiers, click on the “Become a Patron” button.

Beyond downloads and access to content, Patreon builds a community between patrons and artists. It is a great way to connect with creators whose work you admire, to get glimpses into their process, and to be a part of their journey.

Ultimately, Patreon is a simple and small way for you to make a large impact on the creation of art and music that you love. That is truly what being a patron of the arts is: helping to create a space for creation to take place in. It's a gift from you, not just to the artists you support, but to the world - ensuring that the art you want to see in the world makes it out there.

Thank you for reading this, for listening to the music, and for considering being my patron. I’m excited to share new songs with you!

$5 of $150 per Song
When I earn $150 per song from my Patreon patrons, I will be able to cut back on side jobs, allowing me to have more focused time and energy for writing and recording music.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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