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is creating poetry, fiction, and observations from the third arc of life
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About Third Arc

Third Arc is for readers to enjoy original poetry, fiction, and commentary. It will deliver moments of pleasure, laughter, contemplation, and self-awareness.

What's Third Arc? It's the time of Realization. If life's first arc is Becoming and its second is Practice, then Realization, life's third arc, is a time for seeing clearly, integrating reality with values, and effecting change. 

I write Me so that you can read You. I'll help you look differently -- sometimes askance! -- in your own mirror

Each month, you'll get 2+ Third Arc posts. We'll explore love, pain, religion, angst, silliness, sexuality, bigotry, courage, divorce, spirit, friendship, nature, family, banality, and profundity. 

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1. Focuses me. Promising you that I will write, write, write means that I will write, write, write.  

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3. Fuels my community engagement and projects.

I would feel honored to write for you. Please subscribe monthly (no term-obligation) to Third Arc. The best reward -- for a $1 subscription -- is the work itself. Rewards for higher monthly amounts build on that -- more posts, opportunities to interact, exclusive videos, live readings, etc. Everything that will keep me writing, writing, writing. 

With gratitude and love,


PS I've included writing samples as open posts; take a peek before you commit.
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