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You are rad and this dollar donation proves it!!! 

Plus, you get to directly contribute to the new monthly Fan Questions episodes (starting Feb 2020)! 

Dying to ask us a question? Sick of Kyle and Matthew ignoring social media at an attempt to stabilize their mental health? Fret no more! We are dedicating a whole week every month to the most amazing listeners in the world. The episode is still free for everyone, but for the low price of a single American buck, you can be a part of the action.

Manager's Special

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Ain't nothing more special than a manager's special, baby. You never know what kind of "special" you are gonna get. And neither do we!

Gain access to an extra monthly episode and all the extra weird stuff we decide to do:

  • An extra episode per month: "The Kickback" We hang out. You listen. No topic. No pressure. All hangin' and slangin' jokes with friends.
  • We make weird stuff when we feel like it and you can have it all. Short stories. Live streams. Dumb videos. Smart videos. There no limits to the mediums we will distribute weird stuff to spontaneously. Or not spontaneously. There are no rules here.
  • Full access to the Radster tier and participation in the monthly Fan Questions episodes.
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About This Is Rad!

This is Rad is a podcast that celebrates all things rad. Now, I know what you're thinking, what the hell is “rad”? Well, it's more than just backwards hats and a rude tude. In fact, rad is whatever somebody thinks is neat. That thing you find yourself thinking about. That thing that you get all excited about when you find out somebody is into it. Maybe it's JRPG's. Maybe it's it's model trains. Maybe it's specifically season 3 of Gilmore Girls or the '88-'89 Detroit Pistons. Whatever it is, we at This is Rad, want you to share it with us and our audience of Radsters. Every Wednesday we put out a nice long podcast exploring a new topic. Or sometimes doing a second pass. Plus, over the years, the show has experimented and found fun ways to keep things fresh. Our yearly “Summer of Rad” (a month of episodes recorded outdoors) and Radtober (our all horror halloween programing in October) are some of our best episodes. We appreciate our audience and work to keep the show exciting and fresh every week. You also get weekly recommendations in the form of “Weekly Rads.”

“Yes, that's very nice, but I already listen to the podcast, that's how I got here. What does your Patreon do?”

Great Question.

Our podcast is 100% indie and DIY. We do all our audio and graphics in house. We have occasional sponsorship from fine companies like Mack Weldon but with the length of episodes, this advertising money often doesn't even cover our basic hosting costs, let alone any other expenses that might come from doing a podcasts (turns out after a few thousand hours, you might have to refresh your mic cables, and them things ain't free!)

So after 6 years of indie podcasting, we decided to start a Patreon to try to go LESS broke, or at the very least, go broke SLOWER.

But hey, we're not gonna leave you high and dry, we will still keep our weekly show, but for those who want to support our little operation, we have a lot of fun stuff we can't wait to share with you.

Your contributions will help make running our little operation a little easier. We're always gonna work hard to make the best show we can and with a little extra support we can get more ambitious with stuff we can do. It'd be cool to do live shows. Or videos. Or experiment with spin off shows. (Kyle is still hellbent on recording an episode analog and releasing it on cassette...) All these things are possible with your support.

If you just listen that's great. We love you and This Is Rad will always be free to the people... But if you want a little more... if you were ever like “I wish there was a secret society I could join that was reasonably price and mostly consisted of paywalled new media content” Then welcome to This Is Rad('s Patreon).

Kyle, Matthew, and Laura

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