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About This Jungian Life

Our deep friendship was forged in our Jungian Analytic training. As three ENFJs, we bonded quickly and haven’t stopped our intense conversations since. As Analysts, we first channeled our interests into The Philadelphia Jung Institute, shaping the training programs and serving on the board. Then about a year ago Lisa landed that idea for a podcast by asking, “We have such a vibrant time grappling with important ideas when we’re together, what if we found a way to share that with people? Would it be helpful to anyone?” After brooding over the concept, we took the plunge. We engaged a podcast producing firm, set up a home recording studio, decided we all needed to be in the same room to sustain our synergy, then met in Philadelphia and started recording. We launched our first weekly podcast on April 18, 2018 and have released a new episode each week.

As the heart of the work, and the heart between us, continues to unfold people all around the world have reached out to tell us what the podcast means to them. We’re receiving dozens of dreams each month from listeners for our ‘dream analysis’ section. We’re expanding our topic list to include areas of interest listeners have suggested and plans are evolving for our first This Jungian Life retreat on the east coast. Some fun surprises are in store as we invite other analysts we know and love to join in on future episodes.

We want you to be part of our growing community dedicated to fostering awareness and deepening our understanding of ourselves and the world. Patreon has developed a unique way for us to join together to nurture The Work. For just a few dollars a month you can link hands with us and contribute to our current and future projects - and we will invite you behind the scenes.

Thanks for listening, caring, and contributing to the world.
Lisa, Deb & Joe
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