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We See You Gworl!

$1 /mo
We see you QPOC (and allies), and we thank you for doing your part (financially) to help sustain This QPOC Life! 

Come Through!

$5 /mo
Ok!? Thank you!! 

For your generosity, we're giving you early access to the EDITED but PRE-PROCESSED episodes, usually available the weekend after we record on Friday. 

So, What's the Truth?

$10 /mo
Ok sis. You want to know the truth? 

For 10 USD a month, you get the unedited file of our studio session recording. Trust, there is a lot that doesn't make it to the final Podcast. I...


What's Good, Fam!?

$25 /mo
For 25 USD a month, you get to be there live (digitally) with us as we record the show via Google Hangouts. 

You also get recognition as an honorary producer/ Patron to TQPOCL on our...


Slide into my DMs, Pa....

$50 /mo
In addition to all of the above,

If you give 50 USD a month, you get:

-Put in line to be honored as a Patron of the month

-A shoutout on the pod...


Text me when you get here.

$100 /mo
Look... I'm not even sure why you like us this much, but hey, we'll take it.

For 100 USD a month, you get everything listed above, and you get to come into the studio with us, live a...