This Underground Life... is creating Shareable Cognitive Explorations Into Somewhere Warm.

SomCa Core

$1 /mo
You are the entered into the energy stream of this system. It is the only generative and welcome place you will ever need in your life. Trust in that. Be OK. 

SomCa Blood Tear

$3 /mo
May send in topics for response ahead of non tiered folk. Non tiered folk will then bleed tears whenever no one is looking. This includes looking with any electronic or recording devices. 

SomCa Solaris

$11 /mo
A one card energy psychiatry reading for a current or upcoming situation. Or general brief specialist topic or situation direct advice. 

SomCa TSC-Psi

$50 /mo
Full Tarot psychology reading consultation video. Or a forensic/legal, or medical research (general), practical applied interpretation summary paragraph, on a topic of your choosing.