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About Thomas Bryan Eaton

Who are you, and what are you doing here?

Thomas Bryan Eaton here, I’m a songwriter, musician and producer currently living in Nashville, TN. I truly love making music!! Writing or playing songs and recording them is kind of the only thing I want to do… besides eating. AND drinking coffee. Those are important too.

I’m mostly out on tour as a sideman with the insanely talented Miss Tess, but the time I do spend at home, I like to sit in my little studio, writing and making sounds that seem to fit together. For me, a song isn’t finished until I have some kind of recording of it that feels right.

I'm here on Patreon because I think it's a fantastic platform for creative types and those who’d like to support them. It’s an outlet for me to showcase my music and get it into the hands of people who care. All of this outside of the traditional music industry, which as we all know is changing rapidly and has never really favored the artist.

What will you be releasing on this site?

Recordings or demos of unreleased original songs.
Covers of other people's songs.
Poems that I write and think are pretty good.
Music Videos including "official" videos and homemade/live videos.

My goal is to release two songs a month, sprinkled with a poem or video here and there.

****I’ll never have more than four releases a month.****

Why Patreon?

The modern day music industry is a nightmare. One that values product, image, page likes and streams more than creativity, talent and drive. To even start playing that game, one needs to invest a TON of money into things like publicity and radio campaigns. More often than not, these investments seem to lead nowhere.

The modern crowd sourcing phenomenon (Kickstarter, Pledge Music, etc.) has been wonderful for all sorts of creative types to get their work out into the world on their own terms, but they are still generally focused on an end goal, an album or a product. What makes Patreon so interesting and unique is that it allows the creator to focus on the process more than the product.

In the wise words of Carsie Blanton, “I like the Patreon model because it values creative works (like songs and essays) over consumer products (like albums and books). This site is a good reminder that some of our best and most important work as humans can't be packaged and sold for a fixed price. To me, becoming a patron doesn't mean you're paying for each song, it means you're showing support for my lifelong project of being creative.”

The Details

I like to think of each pledge as a tip for every song I post. Throw a dollar in the bucket!The more people get involved, the more time I’ll be able to focus on each song, making everything better.

• You decide what amount you'd like to tip per song, AND per month. Eg: you tip $5 per song, but can set a "monthly cap” at $10/month total.
• If you tip $3 or more per song, you'll get cool rewards, like a postcard, limited edition sticker, handwritten lyrics or a song just for you!
• If you have questions or suggestions, send me an email.

****Remember, I’m aiming to post two songs per month, NEVER more than four. That would be crazy!!


THANK YOU!! If you’ve made it this far, you must care! Any kind of support you can give me is very much appreciated. It will propel me to do more, and better!

SPREAD THE WORD!! Tell your friends & family about this campaign and Patreon in general, there are some extremely talented creators on this platform doing all sorts of amazing things. Thanks again!!

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