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is creating Fine art & design, (Art Glass, Sculpture, digital) and Games



About Thomas Kite

Professionally and for my own enjoyment, I've been making objects and images, you could call art, for a long time. My web site- Thos Kite Design- documents some of that. I also grew up playing all kinds of games and have continued to do so with family and friends right up to now. 

Thanksgiving 2016 a series of things happened that brought all the pieces together going back more than 40 years. Then the real magic started- Pelta Games. An idea based on this- Play is Art and Art is Play. To find out more, you can go to How Pelta Games got Started and check out the rest of the site including the 1st game- PeltaPeeps

There's a rich backstory driving ideas for a trilogy of games now grown to 4 or 5 more games related to the 1st. And there're many other concepts that cross all sorts of lines between Art, play, games and things that make you feel good to hold in your hand or turn over in your mind.

You can also find other stuff including Art thinking about becoming games and Games thinking about becoming Art on Ello

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