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  This the the basic support level.  Basically you join in as part of my spiritual community.  That means you get to be a part of my ceremonies and get access to group workings.  I do a weekly prayer ceremony with a rattle and Mesa. By joining as a supporter you get added to that, so each week you'll get an email with a picture of the ceremony and the focus of it.  In addition you will be invited to a monthly conference call.  You will be able to talk with me, ask questions, and we will do some group work to help shift you and your life.  The focus of a group is very powerful work.  If you miss a call no worries, there will be an mp3 of it on the page within a few days.  




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About Thomas Mooneagle

Hi there!  It's me Thomas Mooneagle, no really it is.  If you're here then you probably have seen a few of my videos on Youtube.  When I started back in 2009 I had no idea what a journey I was embarking upon.  Since that time I have completed intensive training in shamanism and consciousness technologies, opened my own office for my holistic practice, and written my first book.  Over the years I have had so many encouraging comments and I've even met a few of you at expos and speaking events.  (Note: I spook easily in public and am still learning to accept praise, so please bear with me).  I'm excited to interact with you guys here, I want to be able to keep creating inspiring content for everyone so if you have any requests or ideas for rewards or video content that you want to see please let me know
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When I have reached $350 a month in Patreon support, I'll get a paid Zoom account for easier to access conference calls.
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