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About Thorium Energy World


Welcome, in case we have never met I’m Andreas Norlin, I started a Thorium foundation 8 years ago. This has now developed into a movement we call Thorium Energy World which needs you!


You are here because you believe Thorium should power the world!

Let's revolutionize energy by strengthening the thorium movement, one person and one step at a time, together!

Now you can join on this epic journey and get amazing rewards by hitting that ‘Become a Patron’ button now!

About Us

Our Vision is a world powered by safe, clean and affordable energy.

Our Mission is to be the multi stakeholder advocacy platform which facilitates the pathway to power the world with Thorium Energy.

Our Work


The main source for thorium related news
Published ~300 articles
Breaking news such as announcement of Chinese Thorium Program


5 conferences in 5 different countries on 3 different continents:
*United Kingdom, London, Royal Institution
*United States of America, New York, Brookhaven National Laboratory
*China, Shanghai, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics
*Switzerland, Geneva, CERN and iThEC
*India, Mumbai, Government of India


Published a report uniquely covering all 14 Thorium developers around the world. 


A uniquely designed statue given to a person who has made significant contributions to the field of Thorium.


Services that take advantage of our unique expertise and insight in the field are offered to stakeholders to facilitate desired progress.


No part of society can create an energy breakthrough on their own.
Partnerships are needed between stakeholders such as governments, business, civil society and academia where each part os delivering on their specific responsibilities and roles.
We reach out to stakeholders to spread the awareness of Thorium's breakthrough energy potential. 

Breakthrough Energy Solution

Thorium is a natural element found all over the world which can be used as an amazing energy source. Yes that's it, you find it right below your feet in the dirt, and there's plenty of it!

It has been estimated that we can power 30 Earths only with the Thorium that is mined every year as a by-product when mining for other metals like iron, tin and rare earths.

So, how much Thorium do we need?

If this ball was made of thorium, it could power your entire life!

A Thorium powered world would mean:
1. Energy abundance for everyone for thousands of years
2. No CO2 or air pollution
3. Drastic reduction of resource conflicts world wide

Thorium introduction video made by SciShow:

Interested, learn more by watching TED Talks on Thorium

Epic Journey

The journey to revolutionize our energy supply is long and challenging but we have already seen amazing progress since we started 8 years ago. Today, there are over 10 developers around the world and we know others will join the race! 

Help us make it easier for the developers on their path forward, and help us attract more players to the field. Get rewarded and become a Patron now!

Challenges Along the Way

The field of Thorium Energy is facing challenges that we are helping it overcome. Developers need to attract funding to accelerate their development process. Public support needs to be gained. The next generation of experts and leaders needs to be educated.

Get rewarded and help us overcome the challenges by becoming a Patron now!

Where will the Money be used?

I’m grateful for the chance to help build an international Thorium Energy movement through this not for profit over the past 8 years.

But I also feel guilty. Since this has only been a side project with myself as the only Patron, the time and resources put into it have been very limited.

You get rewarded as our Patron and we can get proper equipment, hire experts, do marketing and pay salaries to create content that pushes the field of Thorium Energy to become a reality.

Why monthly and not per content?
Simply because we produce many types of content (news, conferences, report, vision, education, interviews...) and have monthly costs (internet, office, equipment, experts, marketing, salaries...) that must be paid. 

Get rewarded and help us financially by becoming a Patron now!

Future Content

The time has arrived to go 'all in'. We will make lots of free content - the field of Thorium Energy deserves it, you deserve it!

There is so much we want to work on. For example, we are creating an Education, a Vision and an Interview series.


If you have ideas as to what we should create we would love to hear from you!

To make all this content possible, I've taken your advice to use Patreon. Get rewarded in exciting ways by becoming a Patron today now! 

Past Content

If you are interested in our past content you find ~300 articles, 5 conferences, a unique report, a prize and much more at
Thorium Energy World has worked to nurture the field since 2009 and is built to continue doing so far into the future.

A Quick Patron Explanation

This newly launched membership service rewards you in amazing ways and makes you a proud Thorium Patron!

Patreon is super simple, it's a website where viewers like you can be rewarded when you help an independent creator like me by supporting them through crowdfunding.

Imagine what you and I can do if we make it possible for Thorium Energy World to eventually become a professional organization, revolutionizing energy!

Your Amazing Rewards

Thorium Patron

Welcome aboard, let's power the world with clean and abundant energy!

You know Thorium will power the World!

$1/month gives you:
*Access to patron-exclusive content
**First to get the latest news and developments
***Sneak peek photon/videos of upcoming releases
*Thank you credit on the Patron page: ThoriumEnergyWorld/patron
*Listed as a supporter of our Vision (coming)
*Guaranteed better sleep knowing you're doing your part!


You know how to produce clean and abundant energy!

$2/month gives you:
*2mobile phone stickers
*Designed cell phone wallpaper
+alll rewards below this!

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You share the pioneering Thorium vision of Dr. A, Weinberg!

$3/month gives you:
*2 Thorium laptop stickers
*Thorium designed computer screen saver
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This give you:
*Be part of interviews with proposals for subjects, participants and questions
*Patron-exclusive polls influencing our future direction
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$5/month gives you:
*Monthly exclusive live video Q&A sission where Patrons join for a discussion
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$7/month gives you:
*Designed pen with Thorium branding and ink that make you 'Th-ink' delivered to your home!
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$100/month gives you:
*Private Thorium video talk every 6 months!
*10 free Service hours, taking advantage of our unique expertise and insight in the field of Thorium!
+all rewards below this!

Join Us!

All I ask is for you to check out YOUR amazing rewards for the sake of creating a better world, together!

Join this epic journey, welcome aboard!

Andreas Norlin, founder and CEO

Thank you!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 44 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 44 exclusive posts

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