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With that amount you're supporting the server cost and the service stay live. You also get to be premium on the site, please consider $5 as processing fees are quite high here.

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Thank to you I can afford to spend about an hour per day to work on the service. You also get to be premium on the site and a thank you message! 💙

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About Thread Reader

Thread Reader App is a service that allows anyone to unroll long Twitter thread and display them on an easy to read page.

And everybody LOVES ❤️it!

Now more than 5 million people have visited the site! And our site is FREE. Our main service will always be free. 

But you must know that Thread Reader is not a startup. It’s just two indie developers working very hard to make it happen. Everyday we are working on this project, doing marketing, support and development.

We don't have any external funding on purpose: our goal is to avoid the usual Startup story. You know when someone build a cool service and get some users, attracts some big company (e.g. Twitter, Facebook) and get bought. Then somehow the service gets closed or fades away.

Instead, if every user is paying a little bit for the service, support us by donating or becoming a Patreon supporter, then you’re less likely to see it disappear overnight. To be honest, even if we're passionate about what we're doing, in the end if we don’t get any money to live, we’ll have to get back to a more classic desk job.

Therefore, you being a Patreon supporter means a lot to us plus it helps to pay for the server and motivates us to keep going. Rest assured that if everything goes well here, this service will stay live thanks to you!

You can also support us by being a Premium member!

All Premium members benefit from the following features:
  • Archive any Thread to PDF so you can save it or print it
  • Subscribe to any author and get a real time email alert when a new unroll (>4 tweets) is available
  • Automtacially save all the threads of your favorite authors to PDF archives
  • No ads for you on the website
  • Advanced search options

On this patreon we'll give every month an update about how many people are using the service and other questions we are asking ourselves, joy and doubt as indie developers.

🙏 Thank you very much to all our actual supporters! You're the best.  🙏

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I can afford to work on bug fixes and support everyday. I'm still not living from it yet... 
make it × 5 and I can stop worrying about rent
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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